Chance To Have Trouble Getting Pregnant Comes To 50%

The ideal is to try pregnancy before the age of 35 years

Women who postpone other maternity plans, when they decide that it’s time can run into a problem: the reduction in female fertility. Unlike men, who produce sperm continuously, women are born with a certain number of eggs (million), enough to adolescence with thousands, but loses dozens every month, even if only one ovule, oruntil ovule, as in the case of using the pill.

Who explains is the gynecologist Carlos Alberto Petta, Radium Institute of Campinas. “From the 30 years have seen a slow decline, which becomes after the 35 years. So it is always best to try to get pregnant before the age of 35, because the chances of a woman having trouble getting pregnant at 40 years is 40 to 50%. The higher the age, the greater the chance of not getting, “he says.

In such cases are indicated the treatments to get pregnant because they are trying to decrease the wait, expedite the pregnancy and, in many situations, avoid problems. But even the treatments have an age limit, set by the availability and viability of eggs. “Who has infertility, even with in vitro fertilization, will rarely get pregnant after 44 years. In these cases it is frequent the use of eggs donated by younger women to solve the problem, “he explains.

He says that there are variations, but in General, this is how it happens, as it is a natural process that will reach all women. And there is no way to slow this decline. What you can do is not to accentuate the decrease, avoiding, for example, the habit of smoking, which causes the eggs diminish even more.

The important thing, according to the gynecologist, is not wasting time. “If you’re trying for a year and not pregnant, seek medical advice. Or is there any factor that cancause infertility, diseases such as endometriosis, age of 38 or more, look for before that an expert “guides.