Chanel Style Boucle Jacket

For a long time I want a bouclé jacket by Chanel, but unfortunately it is financially not quite within my reach. For just as long, I think even for a cheaper alternative out, so far without success, so I had to search really abandoned. But when I when Lady-Style of the week a few weeks ago mintfarbenes bouclé costume Chiara Ferragnis saw, I was overcome with ambition: It’s got to be in Munich lovely, classic bouclé jacket in the style of Chanel somewhere that is reasonably affordable yet?

Unfortunately, I had very clear ideas: You should prefer to come along in a timeless color, ie cream, white, gray or black and combine too many different tones. Your average would please not be too short but figure-skimming and in the price range jackets should be up to 250 euros. Amazingly fast I was able to find at Zara, unfortunately leaving this bouclé jackets my upper arms seem huge, often handed me a maximum of up to the waist, and I just felt totally uncomfortable in them, so do not ladylike and elegant as I imagined it. I had to search abandoned again when my friend pulled me as the last stop of our city stroll in the small boutique Isys in Sendlinger Strasse. They usually perform not really things that I liked.

But suddenly they go in front of me: a beautiful bouclé jacket perfect bouclé jacket. In order not to be disappointed, I tried not to make too many hopes regarding my price limit me. But one look at the sign led to a small jubilee: 189 Euro. When she then even like a glove Sasss, my arms represented just as they are and also fit on the length, it had happened to me. And it is still happened to me-I have a new favorite item in my wardrobe. Do you have a bouclé jacket, maybe even a real Chanel? Or you have something, after you had searched forever, it all had almost given up and have then stumbled still found?