Child Jewelry

Today we will talk about a subject related to jewelry but that normally is a little aside: the child jewelry.

Child jewelry arrives to cover a space in the market in which the girls want to have best creations not only to play be greater, but in a world that allows them to be Kennel as adult women of their environment (and her own friends or colleagues…).

Many mothers do not allow their daughters wear large jewelry, which is reasonable, since no burning stages or get ahead of every age and maturity times. However, if there is a delicate and with children’s themes, jewelry that is not only to play, girls can beautify without appearing that are disguised as “older”.

Jewelery for girls is usually limited to some as, a pendant with initials, or a plastic bracelet… In general, the child jewelry offering large brands offers usually unvaried or even null. It tends to be more frequent to find artisanal creations of small workshops or individuals.

Child jewelry designs tend to be focused on the fashion colors for girls and children’s issues, such as their games, favorite films, television characters, dolls, comics, etc. This is a way to identify with those characters and, somehow, “bring them jobs” and that part of the image of the child.

We can find different pieces of jewelry child, although the most common are the bracelet, anklet, pendants, not hanging small rings, earrings type button, rings, pins,…

In terms of the materials used in its production, it may be from fimo, beads, crystals, plastic, leather colors, yarns and fabrics or even most noble materials such as gold or silver bath.

One of the most important points in the choice of the child jewelry is your safety in the manufacturing process, to avoid cracks, scratches, etc, as well as the composition of parts, avoiding any kind of allergic effect.

Today, both the nickel and cadmium, triggers a high number of allergic reactions, are being removed from manufacture of jewellery thanks to the legislation in force.

Child jewelry is no doubt a good niche to diversify the production of jewelry and find new places and customers where to sell it.

Within its extensive product range, Lannel gives special attention to children with a variety of decorative parts designed especially for girls. Besides the successful collection “Sweet children” launched last year, in catalog there is a wide selection of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants with child theme.

Are you favour that girls look child jewelry?