Christmas Gifts for the Dearest – a Few Ideas

Every year, I ask myself the question: “What do I give my loved ones for Christmas?” And one thing is also clear, I will not be the only one to deal with this question. This will certainly go to some of you as well. Therefore I try to collect in this post a few ideas, what one can give to his beloved the Christmas.

The Secret Of What To Give?

The ideas should only serve as a stimulus and honestly, if you have the possibility to become creative yourself the opportunity.Otherwise, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself, to make at least a confinement, what one can give it.

What interests them?

What is she excited about?

Does she have hobbies, which she likes to go after?

What can you do together, what makes you both fun?

Otherwise: “Listen, listen and listen again”-best all year round and even small remarks snap and then implement these. So you get sometimes involuntarily, or rather, sold as coincidence, because one or other tip of his beloved communicated. Have you ever noticed that if you were for example in the bookstore around the corner were the statement fallen: “This is an interesting book, at some point I would like to read it” or in the well-known Swedish furnishing house a statement came like: “The commode would But do well in the bedroom”.

Man likes to do this as a x-any comment, but behind it is usually pure calculation and yes I have this confirmed by various women.Or, as a result of experiences with my beloved, I could learn from my own body, which is now worse than it really was. Either way, listen to it, because you have so many ideas already served on the Silbertablett and only have to access.

Still No Idea-That Can Be Given

If you still have no idea what you could give, you may find some inspiration. I was thinking about what could be given to the one who is not so common, has a benefit for the recipient, and shows what one has thought. Of course, these ideas can not be transferred to every woman one by one, but maybe you already have enough inspiration to get you on the right path. If you have more helpful tips, just write in the comments.
What first came to mind when I thought about possible Christmas gifts was Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite. This is ideal if your loved one is a book reader and devours one book after another. Of course, there is also the point of view analogous to digital reading, but I also had to learn that the Kindle has so many advantages that you can do without the classic book. So why not convince the girlfriend, the fiance, the woman?

I decided to go for Amazon’s Paperwhite, because in my opinion it offers the best price / performance ratio. I will not go into the individual technical details here, which presents Amazon skillfully on its own website, so if interested, be there. Rather, I would like to briefly discuss my experience with the Kindle, even I own one of the first models and must say that this has made me again a multiple.

Because you have it, because of its small size/weight, always with it, can quickly unpack this in the waiting room or the station and simply continue reading where one has stopped. Also on holiday the device is almost ideal, since you no longer have to carry books with you, but only one device. What is particularly beautiful about it, when we regard it as a potential Christmas present for the sweetheart, is the fact that you can also send her a book or book, from which she so enthusiastically digital. Even if there should be a greater distance between you.
Man (n) knows it, jewelry makes itself as a gift for women always good. At the very least, if one meets the taste of the recipient, or else at least destroys the ticket, in order to exchange the piece of jewelery in case of doubt. However, a large number of women do not carry an excessive amount of jewelery in their daily lives, but a large part of this is definitely a watch. So why not just look for a chic watch?

You can make it easy for you to see what the dearest of jewelery and watches has already been at home, do you recognize a similarity or a repeating pattern? Do many golden or silver jewelery, rather pompous or minimalistic? The answer to these questions gives you a good idea of ​​what style the wristwatch has to give. In addition to the useful effect of the time display, you give your loved one at the same time a styling element, which can bring them into their daily outfits.

It does not have to be the big money you spend on the clock. Even I always look at Amazon, because these offer a variety of possible filters and so I can, based on my findings from the foray through the jewelry box of my beloved, narrow the selection and select a suitable clock. Also the later exchange, should not the clock, is here no problem. Besides wristwatches you can, of course, also give away jewelry, if this is worn more often by your better half, the procedure is the same.
In my review, “Shutting down at the Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza” I wrote about the common Kurztrip of myself and my girlfriend, I got the idea that this can be a Christmas present. So you have the opportunity to experience something in common, to get a bit out of your own four walls and to see something different.

It is not necessarily the Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza in Frankfurt, this is only in my mind, since there is also a 450 sqm wellness area with swimming pool, fitness room and various saunas, which invites you to relax again. But also a spa trip in the wellness oasis nearby offers itself as a common escape chance before everyday life. If you do not have too much desire for wellness and relaxation, then give your loved one a wellness day with her best friend. So you hit two birds at once, your better half is happy and you have a day free of storms.
Now comes something for the small money bag, which nevertheless quite well can arrive. So I had already mentioned at the beginning that you should look for something, which is interesting for both of you and you can still spend time with each other. What’s closer than cooking something together and eating it together?

So you can prepare this very well, by packing a basket with the necessary ingredients for your chosen food, the recipe itself, a few candles-for the right mood and a bottle of good wine, which you already at the Cooking yourself. Personally, I can say that this is quite a good thing, because you can create something together, get together and enjoy together the result of the cooperation. What do you think?
Still a trace of personal, as the common cooking with the dearest, I think it is only with a handwritten letter. The latter expresses very much, without which one expresses himself, because a handwritten letter shows that one has taken both time to write and to think about the content.

Since the contents are, of course, dependent on each other, I can not give a correct recommendation here what you can write. Just think about the past year, what did you experience together, what was beautiful, what did you ever want to tell your lover? Use all these positive thoughts and bring them to paper. And I’ll make every bet that she’ll be happy about it!

That was it now with my contribution to the topic “Christmas presents for the dearest-a few ideas”, I hope I could give you a few ideas or at least inspirations along with the way. If you still have helpful tips or gift ideas, then start off in the comments, I and the other readers of the blog are looking forward to it.