Classic and Versatile – Watch Trends

The work day begins at 8: 00, for twelve is the meeting for lunch with colleagues in the diary and after work, even the appointment beckons with friends. Sounds stressful, or? Fortunately you keep but with one of the current trend watches the time at a glance. And don’t worry, you look anything but stuffy with the practical timekeepers. 

Because the current wrist watches are not only functional, but also the so beautifully designed that you always like to look on the piece of jewelry at the wrist. Very classic and elegant designs are the 2016. From, round or oval dial watches come with a bracelet in high-quality materials such as leather or shiny metals. Through the combination of different types of metals like pink gold and stainless steel, the clocks get a trendy bi-color look. If you like something more colorful like models with colorful splashes of color on bracelet, dial or hands are perfect. These often come in the form of small samples or applications and make your wristwatch to a real eye catcher. Particularly in vogue this year are the colors of blue, cream, and white, which fit perfectly to the trendy, summery look for marine. But also shades of berries or turquoise are great additions to your summer outfit.

Timeless Chronographs and Vintageuhren

Accessories and watches still applies: proven technology and timeless designs are still in great demand. Who can rely on a beautiful heirloom or a piece of jewelery lovingly preserved for many years, is fortunately also among the new models fine watches in the retro-look. Sturdy leather straps in warm brown tones or high-quality Link bracelets of stainless steel provide a nice retro look.

Also the classic chronograph 2016 again among our favorite accessories. The practical watches are characterized by a built-in stopwatch that can be operated easily by using the button on the Crown. The two small, additional dials on the main dial face, the so-called Subdials, show you stop during the minutes and hours, allowing you the time at a glance. If you prefer the classic in its particularly elegant styling, can rely on a model with a sparkling Swarovski kristallen or detailed ornate dial.

The New Trendsetter Among the Wrist Watches

They are currently very highly popular on Instagram and they mustn’t miss out on the wrists of trend bewuster  Modeblogerinnen: the trendy watches by c & son. The young label from Coinr relies on individuality and varied Sytling and is committed to the task, with its lovingly designed watches to emphasize your personality. And achieved mainly thanks to the high variability of the classic accessories. In addition to the color of the dial, also the bracelet can be free to choose and even quite easy to home Exchange. Also stylish sporty mesh bracelets are at c & son with part of the game and convince with fresh colors or a summery striped pattern.

The watches of the Dutch label Cluse currently cause a sensation on all social media channels. The Amsterdam put on classic elegance and contemporary design, and consciously avoid striking details. So are the balanced forms and the beautiful color combinations in the foreground. In addition to The classic in black, white, and warm brown, you can find also watches with fashionable Mesharmbandern or models in great pastel colors at Campbell.

With so much to choose the right model is intended for everyone. And who would like to further spice up his outfit, can combine the Armabnduhren with thin bangles made of metal or delicate leather bracelets. So, the practical companion are final to the stylish piece of jewelry that highlights your character and your personal style.