Clingo Universal Car Holder

The foot stand is made of solid steel, is still slightly rubberized on the bottom so that every slide is prevented. The Clingo Universal Mount has a 360 ° rotation function, which allows you to adjust the device in all desired directions and positions. The Clingo universal holder can be used for any cell phone, PDA or Smartphone use model and allows a secure fit of your device.

The Clingo universal holder can so as iPhone holder, Nokia, Samsung and HTC use bracket. The Clingo car holder can be easily and quickly on any smooth surface mounted up – in the car, on the desktop, on the shelf. The safe is guaranteed also in fast car tracks and curves. Thanks to the Rotierungmöglichkeit, you can adjust your mobile phone according to the wish and have it always at hand.


The green area is made of special material that magnetically attracts the device and festhällt without iPhone cover or Nokia cover leave sticky traces. To refresh the adhesive capability, you can also from time to rinse the Green surface with warm water. The Clingo mount will also hold your product if it is stuck in a cell phone pocket.