Cortefiel and Its Commitment to The Courageous People for This Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013

A priori, if we think in Cortefiel and its line, is we will head a classical image with some stale air. That I was at least going to my think that at my age, few times I’ve been by the store to see their collections. It has to do much advertising.

“Well, Cortefiel wants to break with all his past and it has launched a revolutionary campaign with”brave people”, social and professional models from different sectors that goes from the world of fashion, cuisine, security… would like to find out who?”

Mario Sandoval, a King of the kitchen

Mario Sandoval He thinks that a brave man is someone humble. This employer and King of the kitchen, became his gastronomic family restaurant into a reference in Madrid. He has researched the food through the technique of the gastrogenomica, based on the search of the flavors. It is identified with the brand in its more urban appearance and many point to its resemblance with Don Draper.

Andrés Rodríguez, a man Esquire

After Esquire is, Andrés Rodríguez (striped suit) who confesses that one of its maxims of the world of fashion is that clothes you don’t have to dominate you, but the other way around. Before reaching Spain Esquire, I thought that the best magazines did not have to be only in airports… His style wanders between the dandy and a rockero touch.

José Mariano López and space

José Mariano López It was a dream and see the world from outside to pick up perspective, a rupture that serves to discover and live a unique experience. Trust in the future that they fed the fiction series and believe that we are very close to that image…

Christian Nyborg and Meinrad Ehmann

The creators of More mobile they are influenced by a British air, its appearance is a plus. These brave have been able to listen to and founded his own company in 2006 and Revolution, the Agency in charge of the campaign, has selected them as models to follow.

“We wanted to distance ourselves, do something different. We didn’t want to enter in a League where the game is to hire the most beautiful model or actor of fashion”, says the director of the campaign, which now has all my respect, because while it is true that fashion each time it searches for other profiles, here have been counted real stories, examples of entrepreneurs and professionals.

I don’t know whether to talk about clothes, the truth is that the initiative is becoming a subject of applause which makes it is valued more the men’s collection cortefiel, which although Basic, has a considerable quality.

Do you think you project?