Decoration – How to Make the Bathroom Get Bigger?

I’ve selected 3 cool tips to make your small bathroom look bigger than it really is. And who does not?

1) Clear colors on the walls-Known hint, already beaten, but very valid. Now, an interesting detail is that you can “raise” the bathroom with dark colors too! Just choose the right wall for your case: Coating the wall that faces the front door with a dark color also gives the idea of ​​more space. See also:

The background wall in black makes us kind of lose the notion of where this wall is at last! We create an “infinite background” that tricks a lot. BUT ATTENTION: To use this small bathroom artifice the other walls should be clear and the lighting should be enhanced.

2) An important item is the glass of the box: Think with me: If you put a colored glass type fumée, you are automatically creating an extra “wall” in the middle of the bathroom that does not let you see the whole space. Choose transparent glass . Have you noticed that the absolute majority of bathroom photos on websites and magazines have transparent glass?

My “intervention” box in smoked glass in the bathroom was crap, but I think you can tell the difference.

3) Well chosen, dark details also make the environment seem larger. See also:

It is more or less the same question as item 1, the idea of ​​false depth, plus the fact that dark furniture seems to occupy less space. So, you have a big piece of furniture that seems to be taking up less space…your poor, cheated, head thinks the space is bigger. Cool huh?