Details on The Samsung Nexus Filter New Prime and Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Returning to the lucky anonymous of 4chan and their alleged experiences with devices that Samsung has prepared to launch soon, we now collect data provided on the new Samsung Nexus Prime, and above Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This user claims to have out for a brief time with a new Samsung Nexus Prime and the new version of Android, and shows us their impressions of the new terminal and the new operating system, which it says the most striking news.

As I said in the article about the Samsung Galaxy S III, we assume that the anonymous user from 4chan is not a very shrewd liar, but we will still take us all these details with the logical skepticism that we could take any rumor to use, so we cannot put the hand in the fire for the veracity of the data that we are going to offer, simply We send them to you because of its potential relevance.

I’m going to stick strictly to the data filtered into the 4chan Forum, so writing won’t nothing to do with my personal impression or with data that may already exist in our blog before.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the definitive name of the new Nexus?

  • The anonymous mentioned to the new terminal from Google as Samsung Galaxy Nexus (not as Samsung Nexus Prime), something that starts a little of confusion between what we already knew about this new terminal and what is supposed to be: do a Google Mobile? A mobile of Samsung in close cooperation with Google, but little else?.
  • Apparently the terminal would be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy SII launched by the American operator Sprint, since it would be with a curved design, as also had the Nexus S. say has a good size, but that is a monster compared to the iPhone.
  • This terminal would be with a Exynos dual-core 1.5 GHz processor each core. It would also have 1 GB of RAM, a screen Super AMOLED Plus HD 4.65 inches and 1280 × 720 pixels, 16 GB internal memory with microSD card port.
  • Would also have a thickness of only 8.8 mm and his body would be metal. The battery would be with 2000 mAh capacity. It would be heavier than the Samsung Galaxy SII, since it would weigh around 130 or 140 grams because of the metallic body.
  • It seems that it performs as well as the Samsung Galaxy SII in terms of speed. Open applications, menus and carries out any action with total fluidity, no lag or anything.

Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, a fairly dramatic shift

-Now get the data of Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • According to our famous anonymous, it would be a version style Gingerbread, but with a good face wash. The menus would be more “ beautiful and soft ”, besides having a translucent appearance.
  • Now comes the most controversial fact of all: would be of version 2.4, the proven Nexus unit would have the 2.4.1 version specifically, would not be the 4.0 or higher 3.2 as everyone imagined.
  • The application of Ice Cream Sandwich menu now has three sections, applications, games and widgets. The first paragraph is the usual, but the new show respectively, the installed games and applications that have a widget.

By clicking on the respective applications with widgets in the menu, the form of the resulting widget will look, without applying it in the home to see it. You can change even between the various widgets that offer application, make changes, and finally applied to a real widget on the desktop with all the settings selected in the menu.

  • Another option is the possibility of creating a section in the menu applications such as, for example, “sports”, “News”, etc. It is therefore a very clean way of organizing our extensive regular menu of applications on Android.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich would have an aesthetic that is dominated by the Blue and violet colors, inherited from Honeycomb, losing the characteristic Gingerbread green in the previous Nexus Terminal.

– I make a stop here to comment, personally, that these last few paragraphs have a high index of credibility, especially if we review the photos that were leaked in August over an alleged preliminary version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, attentive:

Very similar to all of the above, right? We continue:

  • Apparently the Gmail application in Ice Cream Sandwich will be very similar to that seen in the version of Gmail for Honeycomb: list post on the left and content on the right, on an interface much more clear and clean.
  • The application of Google Calendar from now there will be a “translucent” and most stylish aesthetic. There will also be a new widget to the Calendar.
  • The Web browser also will completely change. They talk about changes in the own icon, you will have tabs at the bottom of the screen, it will feature enhanced zoom functions, etc. There are many more specific data.

And here come the leaks of the mysterious anonymous of 4chan, Are they real? will it be a “trolleada” (as they say in the comments) the size of a castle? No idea, but certainly the water of this river sounding is a good example the dates in which we find ourselves. Contemplate it going.