Developer Connect iPhone and Android Wear

Now can send notifications to your iPhone or iPad an Android Wear-smartwatch. A developer makes it possible.

Had you imagined you to your iPhone should work with an Android-smartwatch? Probably not-but it can now be done.

A developer in possession of an iPhone and a Moto 360-smartwatch with Android Wear has stood with the problem that the devices do not speak together.

Now he has even solved the problem by using a Notification Service Center-API from Apple. It makes it possible to forward all of your received iOS-notifications on to, in this case, an Android Wear-clock. It is the same feature from Apple, as Pebble-Agency makes use of.

The slick developer has demonstrated the integration between the two platforms in a short video. In the description for the he explains also that it is neither necessary to jailbreak your iOS device or roote Android Wear-Agency. In other words, everything can be done, without requiring you to steered their course with the original software.

It is not clear what else is necessary to get it to work. So far there is only talk about a so-called “proof of concept”-video. Therefore you must arm yourself with patience, if you even want to try it out. The developer has not yet released the project.