Difference Between a Nerve to Led E14 and E27 Bulb

Do you know what is the nerve of a light bulb?

It is simply the element that allows you to connect the lamp to the lamp of your choice. It can be also called ‘Screw socket’, “nerve to bayonet”, etc…

The difference between the nerve E14 and E27

Regarding the E14 and E27 units, these are two units of bulb for household use widespread in homes.

When you buy a bulb, you have the choice between two main units: E14 and E27. These two models are very similar, but yet are not identical. The difference between these two models is very simple. The figure corresponds to the size of the nerve in mm: 14mm to 27mm for E27 and E14.

The nerve of a bulb E27 – source: OSRAM

For the record, the E simply refers to Thomas Edison.

The E27 model remains the most commonly used nowadays, because it brings a strong brightness. The E14 is rather preferred for small lamps, who need a lower light output: for example, a bedside lamp.

A few tips before you choose your bulb

You should not choose your random light bulb socket. Before proceeding with your purchase, we advise you therefore to check the size of the balls you need: otherwise, you will not be able to install your bulb and operate your lighting fixture, which would be a shame.

Take advantage of the change that you need to compare the consumption of your bulb E27 or E14 base. One finds with a nerve E27 and E14 halogen, led, the “low consumption”. Indeed, for a same nerve the difference of consumption may be very different. The desired lighting is well suited to your real needs. Too powerful light on a bedside lamp can be a nuisance to, for example to read a book in the quiet. E27 and E14 are standards which indicate not a type of lighting or the use of a light bulb.

Good lighting is also a source of economy…

The Assembly of your bulb E27 or E14

Whatever the chosen nerve, E27, E14, where another unit, the Councils are obviously identical:

If installed in a device type “lamp decoration”, the maximum power of the bulb onto the support is necessarily indicated on the documentation that came with the device.

A last tip: it is very simple to change your bulbs E27 or E14, but never forget “safety procedures”. You need to first cut off the power using your circuit breaker or disconnect your lighting fixture. If your bulb is high, do not use a wobbly support to hoist you up to your light bulb. Bad falls are frequent during this kind of manipulation, especially when one is pressed (and in the dark!).

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