Dolphin Is Renewed with Many Firsts in Its Beta 11.2.3

Dolphin Browser for a long time has been one of the big bets as reference in the Android web browser. It is true that with the arrival of Chrome lost bellows, but it remains an option to consider if you want to exit the domains of Google and have a more autonomous Android of his creator.

The case, its creators will bring a lot of novelties that time come in the form of beta in the format that we have already seen through a group of Google + and the access to the apk via Google Play, although at the moment they are having problems and are serving the application manually. Let’s see What brings back this version.

Small but very necessary changes

What is striking to the eye are changes in the interface. As we saw in April, Dolphin Browser is doing a major effort to renew itself. Now the interface adapts to different screen more easily. It has also improved the integration of the right bar and the buttons at the bottom.

Added a window to see the tabs that you have synchronized with other devices and also those that have recently closed. Options with markers have vitamins and now we can computers or import / export have always at hand our saved pages.

If we have a superior Android 4.1 version we can use Jetpack to install different extensions to Dolphin Browser. As in the rest of beta versions, to use it we will have to point us to your community, register as testers, and then download the application. Eye, that there are two versions: one for Android 4.0 or lower and one for Android 4.1 or higher.