Euskaltel Continues with Its Improvement of Rates Now with 500 Minutes and 500 MB for 15 Euros

Many were those who expected that with the new year and the change of network operator Euskaltel He executed a profound renewal of its range of mobile rates but it has not happened, and is that in addition to the arrival of the unlimited, in the form of rate with 1 GB cheapest on the market, now also known new upswing.

It is that the Millicom Basque does not want left unattended the gap between rates which do not include calls on their monthly quotas and tariffs with unlimited calls and to cover that gap has decided to improve its rate of 15 euros per month, providing it with 500 minutes and 500 MB.

Euskaltel began the month with the improvement of its fares with pay per minute, which now offer calls to zero cents per minute, to subsequently pass rate with 500 minutes to unlimited and now is time to pass the for 250 to 500 minutes, again without touching the included Internet traffic or the monthly.

With the expansion of the minutes included in the rate free 15 Euskaltel franchise offers one of the best rates the market below the 18 euros of initial price to get unlimited calls, taking as a reference the rate of Amena, although again with the drawback of being only available only for customers of fixed operator.

Climb speed for fixed connections

And joined the Euskaltel mobile rates improvements also improves its offer convergent with the rise of the speed of your connection fixed faster, down 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps of ascent, which now happens to have 120 and 12 Mbps respectively, without affecting the price to pay for your users.

After all these changes rates undertaken lately Euskaltel stops their tariffs in the following way: