Euskaltel Sees a Concentration of Telecommunications Operators in The Near Future

We know that the trend in the European telecommunications sector is to join forces or that at least is the intention of the great European estates, that whenever they have a chance mention the difference in the number of operators and networks between Europe and America, with four big operators,.

And in this sense has ruled Alberto García Erauzkin, President of Euskaltel, being in favour of joining forces, expressing his desire to lead a process of concentration of operators, always with the condition of being the head of the possible merging of operators and keeping its headquarters in Biscay.

Euskaltel, leader in the Basque country in fixed telephony, Internet and television markets and third position in mobile telephony, he would see with good eyes a process of union of forces of operators, either through a concentration or merger, which would try to be co-star aspiring to maintain its headquarters in Biscay.

Possible union of multichannel

At no time Erauzkin has given names or has given more details of where agreements could go though everything would be to the union’s multichannel regional, see the Galician R and the Asturian Telecable, or even with ONO, larger but no presence in the territories where the regional operating.

Would be nothing unreasonable union between multichannel and is that when the latest auctions of spectrum were rumored that cable operators could go together, Although eventually this did not occur, choosing each Millicom regional for spectrum in their regions and ONO in several communities.

It must also take into account that the main shareholders of the multichannel could see with good eyes their union, while most of them in the hands of investment funds. Both the majority of ONO, Telecable and r. shareholders are investment funds, in many cases after the departure of Spanish banks, while in the case of Euskaltel a 49.9% is in the hands of Kutxabank, union of the Basque boxes, while two private equity funds have a 48.1%, and other 2% Iberdrola.