Exciting Times for Becoming Mothers

A pregnancy is divided into three sections, trimesters.The first third is called early pregnancy.

In these first twelve weeks, the body of the woman delivers true peak performance. The most obvious signal for an early pregnancy is of course the absence of the rule. If menstruation does not occur, an early pregnancy test from the pharmacy can already prove a pregnancy with relative certainty.A confirmation of this exciting news will ultimately be provided to the doctor by the expectant mother.

Signs of an early pregnancy

Many pregnant women notice even before the absence of the period, that in their body is something “different”, but can not define exactly. The breasts are tense, the skin changes, and you are constantly feeling tired. A peculiar change of mind takes place. For a planned pregnancy these are good precautions for a positive test. In unplanned pregnancies, the mothers become aware of the clear diagnosis of the gynecologist. In the sixth to seventh week of pregnancy, this can already be the baby’s heart beat by an ultrasound examination. In the first weeks of pregnancy many embryos develop, as does the heart. Ultrasonic investigations in the SS

At the latest from the date on which a pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor, every woman should abstain from alcohol and nicotine. Alcohol in pregnancy can mean serious complications for the unborn baby, as does smoking. If you regularly take medication, it is now the right time to consult your physician to prevent possible damage to the embryo by side effects. In almost all pregnant women, gynecologists are recommended to take folic acid for optimal development of the baby if you have not already begun in advance during a planned pregnancy.

Symptoms of an early pregnancy

Even in the early pregnancy, women feel a real mess in their bodies. Suddenly symptoms and complaints occur which they did not know before. While some women suffer little or no, it hits others harder. Typical symptoms are for example:

An unbelievable fatigue overcomes the pregnant woman. This can vary from mild exhaustion to the feeling of falling asleep at the wheel of the car while driving. The small child already draws a lot of energy from the mother, her body works on high speed. A lot of peace and relaxation are now on the agenda. It is best to listen to his body and give him as many breaks as the daily routine permits.

Not only in the morning, but also at noon and in the evening, the pregnant woman can be easily nauseated and even vomiting can be on the agenda. Take small meals five to six times a day. Drink melissa tea and chamomile tea. In the majority of pregnant women, these symptoms occur after the end of the early pregnancy, ie after the third month.

Strong stretching pain
An unpleasant pull in the abdomen, sometimes also associated with back pain, often occurs in the early pregnancy. The embryo is inserted and the uterus is enlarged. Everything is stretched. If you are unsure, contact your vet. It can rule out possible complications, such as an ileitis .

Strange cravings and heartburn
They are already famous: the cravings for ice cream with sour cucumbers. The body of a pregnant woman tells her exactly what he needs. If a pregnant woman suddenly has appetite for red beet, she probably needs iron.

Unpleasant odors
Suddenly a pregnant woman can no longer smell the smell of her favorite perfume. The smoke from a cigarette makes them almost vomit, and the waiting at the butcher’s stand makes you sick. The senses of a pregnant woman are sharpened and perceive many things that were previously unobserved and in order.

Tense in the breasts
Due to the rising estrogen production in the body of the pregnant women, the breasts often tense or become slightly larger.

Alarm signal bleeding
In about a quarter of all pregnant women, bleeding occurs in early pregnancy.These may take place during the period in which the rule would normally have taken place.Of course, not every bleeding is the same, that it comes to a premature birth .Nevertheless, immediately a medical examination and probably much bed rest is necessary.


After the turbulent period of early pregnancy, the second trimester begins. Most women are given a little more well-being at this time of pregnancy before the final trimester begins the strenuous final spurt.
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