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Nutritionist Reveals The Diet That Can Help You Get Pregnant

You are what you eat! The phrase is not new and, although we hear regularly, we don’t always have sight of your real meaning.

We All Need High-Quality Fuel To Work Well.

«But also to produce ova or sperm healthy», Marilyn Glenville alert, arguing that ‘ fertility depends largely on what you eat». The British nutritionist specializing in women’s health, who has studied the influence of food and life style in fertility, believes that «ingest food right is important to achieve a successful pregnancy», says even this expert.

Looking For Fertility

More and more researchers have been looking for the relationship between proper nutrition and increased fertility. «Nutritional deficiencies can be pointed to as the main cause of delayed conception. Modern life associated with the use of pesticides, plastics and synthetic estrogen, excess consumption of hormones or contact with compounds to which we are exposed on a daily basis can be harmful to fertility» refers to the nutritionist. Other substances may also affect your general health,what, ‘ by your time, can reduce the ability to conceive».


«Fertility is multi-fatorial, so it is important to consider any aspect of your health, your emotions and your lifestyle», explains Marilyn Glenville. For example, it is estimated that stress can cause irregularities in ovulation or even cause amenorrhoea, decreasing sperm count too.

Practice regular physical exercise, sleep for about 8 hours a night, doing yoga and meditation can help to reverse this scenario. «The couple jointly choose to changefood, lifestyle and reduce your exposure to toxic. Both the man as the woman must participate actively ‘, suggests.

Plan Of Action

According to Marilyn Glenville, three months is the minimum recommended for a couple to have prenatal care and bet on lifestyle changes where it contemplates a healthy diet.

This is the time required for that ‘ the quality of eggs can be changed and the design wins natural», assures.

‘ Similarly, the men three months are required for the emergence of a new groupof sperm cells», says the expert. By the way, did you know that foods high in antioxidants improve the performance of the sperm?

At The Table

To Become Pregnant, Should Consume:

-Fresh fruit


-Complex carbohydrates (oats, cereals, bread or brown rice)

-Foods rich in essential fats (fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil)

-Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, peas)

You Should Avoid:

-Additives, preservatives and synthetic products (such as artificial sweeteners)

-Sugar and simple carbohydrates (white bread and cakes)

-Saturated fats (butter and beef or pork)

-Caffeine or alcohol (coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages)



If after a year of unprotected sex are unable to get pregnant see the doctor. More information at www.apfertilidade.org.

Text: Claudia Pinto With Marilyn Glenville (Nutritionist)


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