Final Fantasy: World Wide Words, Fighting a Rhythm of Words

Someone might think that the subject of the foreign spin-offs based on the Final Fantasy franchise has already had enough with that madness called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but the truth is that there is something rarer on trail. And for Android. Something called Final Fantasy: World Wide Words.

On Friday, September 19 comes to our country Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for Nintendo 3DS, the sequel to this peculiar spinoff of the Final Fantasy saga, which translates into a musical play of those where you have to press a button in the right moment. If I speak of it here, despite being a game console, is because this Final Fantasy: World Wide Words for Android comes from there.

In this case Final Fantasy: World Wide Words takes the graphic materials of Theatrhythm and replaces the genre by another rarity from those that arise from time to time: games in which one must write certain words to move forward. I.e., in Final Fantasy: World Wide Words you will have to type in words to attacks.

Perhaps the reference that comes to mind is that another call chaladura Typing of the Dead He went initially back in 1999 for arcade machines – then it was adapted to a lot of platforms – and that it replaced guns entering the machine of the matazombis The House of the Dead 2 by SEGA for a keyboard in which write words at full speed.

Final Fantasy: World Wide Words will come out the next 16 September in Japan under model free to play (free with purchase integrated within the application) and for now we do not know when it will arrive here. If you make it likely that we don’t see it at least until next year. I cross fingers that late or early we can get your hands on our territory.