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The Merrell barefoot collection are barefoot beginners running tips.

200,000 nerve endings, 33 muscles, 28 bones and 19 bands – the human foot is a marvel and carries the body daily for miles. High time to do something good for your feet. A healthy and natural form of racing is the Barefoot running, the feet are however hardly used. But with the correct barefoot shoe factory and the attention of a few training tips every Outdoorliebhaber who enjoy new Footroom. Together with the Barefoot ultra marathon runner Jason Robillard and the Lauftainer Walt Reynolds has compiled the new Merrell barefoot collection the most important tips for Barefoot beginners:


No matter whether beginners or top athlete, the settling-in period is important. Because other muscle groups are claimed as when running with conventional, cushioned running shoes, barefoot running a cautious start is advisable. At the beginning of the Barefoot training, Jason Robillard recommends a short walk exercise. This just barefoot repeal a small stone or a pencil with the toes and then place back – repeat this exercise several times. This is used to strengthen the entire foot muscles and improves balance.

As a training ground, a ground-level, solid surface is advisable especially during the initial phase. Also the foot landing should be practiced. Instead of the usual Abrollrollvorgangs, starting with the heel, you arrive at Barefoot running in the area of the metatarsus. Try this a safe feeling to get just the training start bounce a couple of times on the spot and the midfoot landing.


The proper running technique is essential even in the natural running and takes some practice. Because while barefoot running foot landing in the area of the front and metatarsus takes place and is so different from conventional running heel landing. The steps are small, and the run rate is higher, an average 180 steps per minute. An upright posture is particularly important and the foot should come up in the extension of the hip. The arms are slightly bent and resonate with minimal compact movements with the movement. Excessive increases or rough terrain barefoot newcomers should avoid at the beginning, Walt Reynolds recommends. Better: Only step by step learn the technique and plan for shorter training routes. Over time changes the running style and is overall lighter and more athletic.


After the introductory phase to go properly. Just slowly increase the number of steps to attract the movement speed. The motto is this: Listen to your body. Jason Robillard recommends the 10 percent rule to improve training. In other words, a training week increase the jogging not by more than ten percent. If nevertheless a muscle soreness felt, should be shortened the training time or reduces the intensity. A positive side effect: Through the intensified stresses of many muscle groups, the body can burn more calories.

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Changing landforms on the run course increase the training effect and leave no room for boredom. While the walking movements on the tarmac are mainly monotone, the coordination requirements for the runners get when running in rough terrain. Again, Jason Robillard has a training Tip: just two branches cross lay on the floor, so that four fields arise. Now beidbeinig jump from field to field in a clockwise direction. It promotes mobility and coordination–skills, not only barefoot running come to good. To prevent workout boredom, more variations such as interval training – so changing speeds – can be part of the running training.

According to Justinshoes, the healthy and correct barefoot running is now nothing more ways. In addition to the right technology, it’s also on the appropriate footwear. The new Merrell barefoot collection offers freedom of movement and at the same time an optimal support and leadership function the foot. A thin Vibram allows® sole contact with the ground and nearby a quick adaptation to the ground.

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