First Photos of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge [Update]

Images reveal that the Samsung changes drastically in Galaxy S6-top model. The SD card and the interchangeable battery loop.

Samsung can no longer keep the next top model secrets to the public. New pictures have emerged, which reveals major changes in the design of the upcoming model in Galaxy S series.

It is on the development website, our site that a user has created a thread with the new images.

The user is in possession of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and has could not refrain from sharing images to the outside world – probably against all rules and agreements with Samsung.

Originally leaked user only 2 pictures of the phone wrapped in bubble wrap. It was not enough to satisfy the eager users of the page. Why was 2 for 9 pictures quickly, and now you can enjoy all the delights.

Update: more pictures appeared
The case, which has leaked the top model, is returned to the thread on xda-developers with a small handful of new images. Here he shows the phone forward from some new angles, as the site’s other users have requested. Therefore, it is also not unlikely that he shares several pictures over the next hours.Of course, we will update the article with latest news.

No SD card and replaceable battery, but new materials

With these images is designed not only to let out. Two of Samsung’s big selling points disappear also means the possibility to replace the battery and insert an external memory card.

The pictures reveal, in fact, that the back cover cannot be removed, just as there is no option of SD card is to be found in the frame. We are talking about a drastic change with Samsung, as it’s the first smartphone in Galaxy S series without these options.

On the other hand, the manufactured in more luxurious materials than the previous generations. Samsung goes away from the cheap plastic materials and replaces them with a backside of glass and a frame made of metal.

There are also allegations that Samsung makes a model with 128 GB of storage as a replacement for the inability to insert external memory card.

The user at xda-developers have also had the measuring tape above to show the screen size. It is now certain that the next top model from Samsung will have a screen on the 5 “-or 5.1” like Galaxy S5.

A rumor from SamMobile also goes on, that Samsung cuts sharply down in the number of pre-installed Samsung apps. From that include apps like S Voice, S Health, Samsung, Samsung Games, Samsung Hub Books, Kies and many, many more will only be 3 in Galaxy S6 ones.

It is S Voice, S Health and GALAXY APPS that will appear in the list of apps as they only from Samsung. You then have the opportunity to download all of Samsung’s other apps through GALAXY APPS.

Enjoy the revealing pictures of Samsung Galaxy S6 in razor-sharp quality above.

Update: Galaxy S6 Edge also leaked

Another user in the same thread at xda-developers is in possession of both the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 S6 Edge, and he also shows the delights ahead in a side-by-side comparison. He shares so far two pictures-one from the front and one from behind. These images of the Galaxy S6 votes also match the pictures that was leaked by the first person.