FLIR One: Smartphone Case Turns iPhone into a Thermal Imaging Camera

The US company FLIR is actually on the production of thermal imaging cameras and components for Governments and the military leading. Now, the company at CES in Las Vegas unveiled a mobile phone case for the normal consumer, equips the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 S with a thermal imaging camera. The case is called FLIR one and resembles a bulky protective case, in which the user has the phone is.

Test: iPhone 5
Test: iPhone 5 S

As the FLIR one works

Commissioned, FILR one shows converted to an electronic signal and converts in a picture a thermal image of the environment, it detects heat,. So the camera enables even in complete darkness, to perceive the environment significantly and to record photos and videos. It has a range of 100 meters. The manufacturer promises that the iPhone case very carefully measures the warmth and creates an accurate image of the environment.

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FLIR that there are lots of opportunities: iPhone with thermal imaging camera is therefore useful for hiking in the dark or when camping in the wild, because the user has so getting an overview of the terrain and possible risks. For use in their daily lives, FLIR highlights especially security aspects: the thermal imaging camera displays the people or animals that hide in the dark. Handyman heart Let beat the gadget, because the camera has thanks to heat and cold sensitivity on wet stains on ceilings or walls, leaky Windows and overloaded circuit runs out.

Price and availability

Decides whether the FLIR one sleeve is just a small gimmick or there is actual use in everyday life, every iPhone owner himself. FLIR one costs $ 350 (about 257 euros) and comes in the spring of 2014 in the trade. It is possible to register online on a waiting list and to reserve a FLIR one.