Full Cut Mens Pants

For a long time, the pants were cut with a certain ease. They were generally more than 22 cm at the bottom and the cut was rather with, also, right knee a generous scale. So, walking, the pants move naturally. It was a look. Even when it was narrow, as for example in the 1960s, he just fell. Remember Jacques Dutronc at the time. What class!

Obviously, more pants, the more it fit the shoe. And, we think about the uniform of the military of the Navy. Nowadays, men prefer above all cuts very close to the leg.Thigh, knees and down are more narrow. What a result to see the fabric ‘break’ on the shoe. A low reduced to 19 cm cannot allow to fit shoes properly. So to do a short hem. It is the only way to get a net rendering. Unfortunately, the number of customers-and ladies that accompany them-demand still matter, folds, to hide including the socks. Yes, pants hem is short because reveals the sock when walking. So what? What harm is there?

If you do not choose these horrors to the prints and embroidery fancy sold in supermarkets, is neither ugly nor immodest. Look at the pictures of politicians or other public characters who have not opted for the short. No one can find elegant trousers down, too long, causes a “corkscrew” or accordion effect. This Cup the silhouette, makes the ordinary look. Let it be said, a pants cut here where it counts, namely the instep. And the corkscrew is reserved to its first use: open bottles.