Galaxy Gear Video Tips Now Available from Samsung-Better Late Than Never

Techgiganten has now posted 5 video clips on their Youtube Channel, that provides tips for using the smart clock Galaxy Gear.

When acquired new gadget-Kit, so there may often be a need, in order to get a few tweaks along the way. Especially if you have bought, not tingenoten has been a part of the household earlier, which probably cannot be said of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, which is the company’s first smart watch.

Rumors have long suggested that the upcoming Mobile World Congress tradeshow will bid on the sequel to Gear, especially after Samsung invites to the Galaxy S5-event, so do not be held seperately after the fair in Barcelona.

Now Samsung has just posted 5 video tips to their original Galaxy Gear that so was presented way back in September 2013. One can speculate on whether tech-giant could have avoided the many returns of their Gear-innovation, if they had been a little quicker out with tips like these.

No matter what, so is seen late better than never, and including all tips from Samsung on their clever Galaxy Gear-clock.