Garden, Swimming Pool: Thinking for Summer Outdoor LED Lighting

Revolution, LED lighting team more and more homes, shops and offices. This technology also invites in outdoor spaces, like gardens, driveways or even pools with waterproof LED lights.

Discover the offer of LED Webstore to equip these spaces of outdoor LED lighting.

Street lights and LED spotlights for garden

To illuminate the gardens and alleys, LED Webstore from Seafordecommerce offers you a wide selection of LED lighting as LED street lamps or the LED projectors for garden. They illuminate outdoor effectively, through an angle of wide, but also economic broadcast (with a lifetime of 20,000 hours approximately).

Exclusive LED Webstore, you can find on our store of the LED spotlight, ultra-fine, more aesthetic to equip your garden. Always economic and ecological, they are also offered discounts to intelligently equip its exterior while saving to buy.

To decorate walkways and paths, the LED lamps are recommended. Several powers are available with a white color, ideal for exteriors and a lifetime always too long, characteristic of the LED lights.

Waterproof LED lights for pools

With pool owners are not outdone. Waterproof LED lamps to equip its basin to bathe after dark or light its pool of aesthetic way. Cute LED lamps receive the same benefits as the conventional LEDs. They light up immediately, broadcast over a wide angle, and last longer than halogen lamps with a lifetime up to 30,000 hours, or 12 years of use!

Equipped with his pool or pool of outside of this type of lighting is a very interesting solution, because sustainable, ecological, and economic.

You can find our offer attractive and decreasing prices. In addition, the shipping costs are offered from €80 HT command.