Get Match ITunes, Jailbreak Untethered, GTA III and Maybe 2011, Campus Cupertino

We started the review to the iOS world of this last week with Sensacode, an application for iOS that will allow you to watch TV in our device, with good quality. Also talked about the initiative 90 million in 90 days, an association non-profit that is raising money to help Africa, using all possible means, as an iOS application in this case. We talked also about Box, the alternative to Dropbox, from Glidetrack mobislider, to make travelings easily with an iPhone and the opening of the iTunes Store in Brazil and fifteen countries in Latin America.

Do you like the retro? I love this cover for the iPad 2. We also analyze 7notes HD Premium, an excellent program for taking notes on the iPad and did us echo of the arrival of Microsoft OneNote for iOS: perhaps the first step to port Office to our platform. We loved agenda, a great application of calendars, and we came back to talk about the Gmail application that was updated a few days ago. Also reached a breakthrough in the untethered jailbreak and you had like browse privately in iOS 5 and the possible problem of privacy with iMessage and the iPhone stolen.

Since finishing the week, we celebrated the arrival of GTA III, and the official announcement (finally) iTunes Match in Spain. With the future arrival of iOS 5.1 we met the future option of individual deletion of images. And in the new 2011 special, we devote an entry to the best games for iOS of the year and the other to the most interesting accessories for the iPhone. Do frightened before the impending Christmas Binge eating? You prepare to run the 5km with the best applications. And finally, nothing better than a few tips on how to make a faster sync for iTunes Match. We read within a week!