Get to Know the Main Types of LED Light Bulbs

Standing in front of a new lighting design and would like to know a bit more about the types of LED light bulbs? Then you’ve come to the right place! Versatile and with strong appeal on behalf of your long life and energy saving, LED bulbs have come to dominate several residential and commercial environments, exploring your database value in different models and possibilities of composition.

The diversity in the types of LED light bulbs can raise some doubts, even for professionals with extensive professional baggage in the business. That’s why we will detail the main types below. Check out!

Applications For All Kinds Of LED Lamps

Time was that LED bulbs were only to illuminate environments dedicated to study or work.Current models are able to simulate even the specificities of other types of lamps, as incandescents, for example.

This caused LED technology that more a qualitative leap towards the equally charming and lighting designs.

Know how to choose the best model becomes easy after a quick analysis of the commercially available types. Next, from DealLEDLights we will see the main types of LED light bulbs and how they can replace other bulbs .

LED In Place Of Incandescent

Low-power LED lights consume less energy and guarantee the same equivalence in lighting.Doing the math, 1 W LED technology is proportional to the 5 W of incandescent.

With the technical lighting project on hand, check out the power of incandescent and calculate the proportion for the LED lamp. She provides a cosy environment for commercial areas and also social environments of home, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

LED In Place Of Halogen

An advantage of replacing the halogen bulbs for LED, is that these warm less the environment, in addition to bringing new possibilities of composing the rooms of a House. LED spot lamps, for example, are widely used embedded in the ceiling in decorative designs.

It is worth mentioning that there are models for different purposes. Some standard 50 mm diameter, in addition to the types PAR20 and PAR30 (65 mm and 95 mm, respectively), which extends the range of decorative possibilities.

Another facility are the Sockets used in this type of lamp, which follow the regular E27 type (the common thread of 27 mm).

LED Tape

Thinking about a different lighting, there are the LED tape which acts indirectly on the focus of the environments, being used in decorative lighting and signage. She is able to simulate fluorescent white or yellow color and so it can be used in various rooms of the House. Another tip is to use it in the kitchen countertops, crown moldings, shelves and niches.

Colored LED

For light fixtures, wall sconces, spots or even to give a differential effect in any environment, the LED lamps have also been developed with quality to bring various shades to the decor. You can find them in the colors Blue, red, Orange, and others, that contribute to the versatility of the project on which you are responsible.

Also Consider The LED Bulbs

In addition to the types of LED lamps, other issues must be considered to make the best choice for every project. It is important then to observe the power, which must be low to high and signalling products for lighting environments; the base, making sure the socket is compatible with the nipple; the color temperature and equivalence of lamps .

What did you think of the main types of LED bulbs and their uses? Take leave in the comments any questions that you have about the topic.