Google Acquires SlickLogin

The search giant has bought up a security company that can simplify and improve the process, when we log on to internet services.

The search giant Google, which already makes use of a two-factor verificerng by securing Gmail and other Google products, has now acquired the nyopstartede, Israeli security firm SlickLogin, precisely in order to strengthen and simplify this process. It writes our site.

If you are already using two-factor verification, it is probably using an app on your smartphone, which generates a new six-digit numerical code that changes every 30. Second, after you have entered your password.

The point is that you with a code you know, suddenly have quick access to a more complex code, which can then be used on the website. Little as we know with the various Easy id keys. It is not 100% secure, but it is a step in the right direction.

SlickLogin approves sounds

Different it looks on a site that is secured with Slicklogins technology. Here there is neither a need for Easy id keys or geeky codes. Your computer speakers will generate a high pitched sound, which is silent to human ears, but which can be captured by the microphone on a smartphone.

The phone must therefore simply approaching the computer to verify. Every single sound signal is unique and based on a unique numeric key.

“Today we will tell you that the SlickLogin team have come to Google, a company that shares our core beliefs by” log-in “should be easily instead of frustrating, and approval must be effective without getting in the way,” says SlickLogins website.

Suddenly it seems that folding and flapping Easy id like something from a past world. If and when we ever see the technology in a Google product, of course, is not to predict. Google has not commented on the acquisition.