Google Is Testing Real-Time Chat in Hangouts

Message application, Hangouts, have changed from being able to chat to Texting and the next step is live chat.

Google’s answer to a combined TEXT and chat service is their proprietary Hangouts-an application that comes pre-installed on Android phones.

TechCrunch has supposedly gotten confirmation that Google has bigger future plans with the Green Communicator.

Google is currently working on implementing a live business chat directly in Hangouts. You will be able to search on the company name in a search line, being the restaurant or bookstore, and then we will see whether the undertaking concerned provides the chat service.

This will allow the time-effective, we know from various web-shops so be on your phone, so you can quickly get answers to all the questions about opening times, ingredients in food or range.

The company’s chat-kindness is displayed together with other relevant information, as can be seen in the pictures below.

After initiating the question filled chat, will receive an average time for the processing of each question, as well as how long the queue is currently. To be able to chat turn to information centres in foreign cities, will be able to help one to a quick answer on the best parking options as an example.

Despite confirmation from Google, it is yet to say how long it will take, and whether or not Denmark will be first on the list for that function.