Great Game for Christmas, Learning More Than ITunes Match, IMAME Seen and Unseen: Campus Cupertino

In full Christmas, Santa Claus are doing their work, and the iOS world will not stop: After the launch of iTunes Match last week, I showed them how to perform faster synchronization. We were delighted with the version of Batman Arkham City Lockdown for iOS, all a great game, although if what you like is to give to the music and not fists, Rockmate will help you to create a small rock band. If you like role-playing games, you have a good Assistant in the App Store, and with Temple Run we will burn dead with an extremely addictive game moments.

Another big news this week is the output of iMAME for iOS, officially only with some free games installed, but using a browser of files we could add more ROMs. Apple seems to have realized also and by breaking its rules for easy loading of ROMs “illegal”, has decided to remove it from the App Store. Luck that managed it to download time! We also talked this week of the best applications available for iOS, so any person with a disability can also enjoy them. And became Skitch for iPad, although we did not finish like all due to its lack of features.

As a curiosity, Jawbone Up, a bracelet to measure our whole life and review it on the iPhone. Ending already as Christmas week, I showed the first five things that anyone should do with your new iOS device, and we alegrabamos the arrival of MegaMan X to iOS. Also Happy Shutter we liked, all aid to make photos only when she smiles. And I’ll take the smile to finish this week’s parties and face already the last of the year 2011… ¡Enjoy!