Guardian Flashlight Taser

Sold in his little box “The Guardian”, the lamp model shocker SK-700 is equipped with a nylon carrying case with belt loop and the power cord to charge the battery. There is also a strap which slides into the small loop at the lower end, a wrist fastener that can be useful if you tinker together.

Guardian Flashlight Taser 1

Do not get me wrong, under its air flashlight robust and aesthetic torch lies a true self-defense weapon appreciated in dangerous situations: the shocker paralyzing, sometimes known as the taser. However, there is a difference with the taser: the chilling shocker is counter to adults to equip themselves with defense equipment in the home, or for security guards kind of professionals, as tasers, more powerful they are reserved for law enforcement.

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THE SHOCKER Stun gun, a weapon of defense …

Shocker that is a power of 2 000 000 volts. Its electric shock through most clothing fabrics.

Guardian Flashlight Taser 2

How to use my paralyzing shocker?

To use it is very simple, select the button “on / off” (on / off) on the tip opposite the lens (sliding knob), the red LED on the blank lights: the flashlight as the shocker are ready to be used.The button for the shocker is the closest of the diode. One support is enough to trigger arcs with their shrill sound very unpleasant to hear. This simple vision, accompanied by the sound effect is often very effective to stop the aggressor, intimidated or afraid to shock. This is why the first part of the shocker is the weapon of deterrence.

But sometimes it will not be enough… And as a weapon of defense, the shocker is very effective to stop as the toughest in their attacks.

What are the effects of a shocker?

First, the person experiences muscle contractures. You can just panic using the shocker half a second on it, the pain will not be strong. However, if you stay longer (always less than 5 seconds), the person will experience a longer electric shock so intense, it may fall, be confused for a moment, have difficulties to his feet …

In fact, the electric discharge acts as a disturbance in the information sent from the brain to the muscles. It is this action that will come paralyze the aggressor and make it unable to act on now.

The interest of the shocker is that neutralizes a person without interference with his physical integrity. Be careful though not to aim neither head nor heart, or throat. Also note that this does not affect healthy people but can cause effects on people with heart for example. You / the one (s) responsible for your gun and your actions. This is of course a weapon to use in the context of self-defense.


At first glance, it’s a flashlight that is identified. completely black with an embossed micropattern on its bottom that acts of anti-slip, his body is metal and plastic head.

The LED light output up to 200 lumens.

Guardian Flashlight Taser 3

How to use the flashlight:

This is an LED flashlight. As for the shocker, the slide switch must be turned on (step “on”). Then use the lower button: your lamp lights. Finally, set the beam by rotating the ring just below the head. It is also cut to prevent the lamp from turning. You may have a very narrow, focused beam or a broader and more diffuse beam halo. The direction of zoom is shown on the ring.

The lamp, as the shocker, is supplied by the same internal battery. This last sector on recharges, the cord is included in the pack and connects directly to the charging port at the lower end, next to a bright red charging indicator. The lamp does not unmount, you do not have access to the battery. You will find information on the load in the French operating instructions.

Characteristics :

  • Product: Flashlight / shocker stun / electric shocker / lamp shocker + Bomb CS Gel 25ml Available
  • Format: Torch / Flashlight
  • shocker Power: 2000 kV
  • Lamp power: up to 200 lm
  • Colours: black
  • Materials: metal and plastic
  • Dimensions: H 170 mm x Ø 40 mm (at the widest)
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • Accessory: black nylon pouch
  • Packaging: cardboard box with protective foam
  • Power supply: battery, rechargeable AC
  • Cord supplied power: yes
  • Notice: yes-French
  • Removable: no
  • Brand: TAGS, The Protector
  • Model: SK-700