Guide to How to Buy Jeans Male Ideal

If you have more than a dozen denim jeans in your closet, but only uses constantly just three or four, something is wrong with the way you’re choosing your denim, probably you are watching the wrong features of these pieces when you go shopping. Below we show the characteristics that may influence the purchase of your jeans:


The first thing you should know about a pair of jeans is the most typical trims, knowing them and knowing which favour your body, you will have a better base in time to taste and buy your jeans.

Tall, short, fat or thin, no matter, the straight fit fall right around the world.

Straight or traditional–the most basic of jeans and, rightfully so, dresses well anyone. His court, nor fair, nor too wide, respects the body lines, the waist is at the time considered perfect, i.e. is not high like the pants of the years 90, but neither is low as a skinny. Is buying more secured, provided that you do not miss the size. There is also a very popular variation created by Levi’s for over 1 century known as Levi’s 501, she has low waist and is a little more loose in the hips.

Bootcut-has a cut similar to straight but the leg is going to extending from the knee, because the model was developed thinking in your use with boots, especially for the cowboys. Unfortunately this particular also has an aggravating factor: it doesn’t help those who have short stature or very thick legs.

Loose Fit-large and comfortable, owe a little in terms of trim, especially when used by rappers who are keen to buy them one or two sizes bigger. The fatties are look relaxed when they use this template and, to be honest they just dress well who’s with the body, as commercial models of underwear, for example. I would avoid.

The slim fit model is fair but not enough to mark the thigh and the calf as the skinny

Slim Fit–not to be confused with skinny! The slim fit is, in fact, the most watched model around and that many people sell as the skinny, since few men actually like or can use a skinny original. His cut is more adjusted to the body, highlighting your shape, which deletes the shopping list of anyone who is far above the ideal weight, lean them can use the play quietly.

Skinny jeans in the brazilian version (left) and the model sold abroad that here became known as jegging Pant or super skinny.

Skinny–out of Brazil she’s practically a legging, but around here the staff thought that the public is not used to the pants right off and launched a model a little more loose, which descends fair in thigh and gets even more fair in the calf. Then they tried to play the real skinny with our name, but it didn’t take, however, if you search for pictures of skinnys in Europe will see that they are incredibly tight, like a pantyhose! This fit is one of the most prohibitive, who has thick thighs is bizarre, who has very thin legs, too. One more that I would avoid.

2-tones and washes

Today the brands offer an infinity of shades and washes, but not everyone can afford to get well at all, so just understand how these characteristics influence the way your body is seen and use this information to your favor. meet the main:

Dark Jeans or without washing–is the jeans in your raw state, has a more serious, being a good choice to match with clothes such as shirts, blazers and jackets, in addition makes people appear thinner, illusion that favors those who have very thick legs or are overweight, but can also harm who has legs too thin, or is extremely thin.

Medium Wash Jeans-color not very clear nor very dark leaves a larger array of options, but it may harm the FAT if you have many rips, whiskers or worn parts. Use with care!

Light Jeans–are those that expose more defects, thick legs or pies, big, wide hips, calves butt topping or out of shape, but helps those who have thin legs, gaining the preference of thin. Are not popular with those who do not like much featured on the bottom of the look.

3-effects and details

Pants with washes and details bna thigh height create the illusion of thick legs.

The more effects, more your jeans call attention, therefore, before buying a pair of jeans with whiskers, tears, frayed, wear, dents and folds 3d, remember that the piece will be most marked in the memory of the people and will weigh much on the look, usually taking the attention paid to other parts. The effects also make the more casual jeans, restricting your use on certain occasions. The same goes for labels, tacks, spikes, patches or any other application that the jeans get.

RESINED the jeans has a very nice visual effect, in a few moments the leather, but your usage is more suitable for the winter, in the summer it doesn’t breathe in the same way that the common jeans, becoming stuffy and hot.

Bulky or pockets with flaps and buttons change your silhouette, the ideal is to avoid these types, focusing on simpler models.

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