Guide To Jacket Pockets

Last week, you could read about spring jackets here on Manolo.We continue in the jacket’s character and today we will look at the plethora of different pockets that you can find on both the inside and the outside. What is the name of the, which you should use, and what do you do best to leave untouched?

A Blazer is normally seen between 6-8 pockets. On the jacket’s exterior is a chest pocket, two pockets along the sides and in some cases a ticket pocket. On the inside we find usually a inner pocket at breast height on each side, a smaller and more slender pocket for a pen as well as a so-called ciggarettficka at the bottom of the jacket’s left inside.

Keeping wallets, cell phone etc is advantageous in the shiny inner pockets (aside of course from a handkerchief in your breast pocket). Use of the jacket’s front pockets are at risk not only affect the shiny case and silhouette but can also destroy the shape of pockets of time.

First, it is perhaps appropriate to go through what the common types of kavajfickor are.

Exterior Pockets

According to pinckarddress,  exterior pockets or Patch Pockets often term them as international is the most casual type of kavajfickor. They are as the name reveals a Pocket that is sewn on the outside of the jacket. These pockets have become increasingly common in recent years but fits in our very best at more casual Blazers or suits in coarser materials such as tweed, flannel, linen or cotton. In a formal suit in thinner wool, we do not recommend this type of pockets.

Exterior pockets are found in both breast pocket on the jacket’s pages.Stylistically, it can be very nice but a possible drawback with choosing exterior chest pocket is the Pocket tend to bloat severely when wearing a handkerchief in it. It is of course good to combine a regular chest pocket with two external if you want to avoid this.

Pockets With Flap

Pockets with flaps so called Flap Pockets are a step up in formality from the surface. The Pocket is sitting on the inside of the jacket and has a flap on the outside. It is the most common type of pockets for costumes in General and works in our opinion, good for both formal and casual jackets. These pockets are placing additional requirements on the manufacturer of the jacket is heavily patterned then you shall mönsterpassa them against the rest of the front.


Welt is commonly called Besomor Jetted Pockets reminiscent of the Flap Pockets but no flaps. These are considered to be the most formal type of kavajficka and is standard on such as Tuxedos. It is great to have even on more casual suits and jackets. Would you like to achieve the aesthetics of these on a jacket with Pocket flaps fold it is advantageous only in the lids to the inside of the jacket. The advantage of this type of pockets is that they provide a very clean and minimalist impression in front with only a discreet dash.

Ticket Pocket

Ticket pocket or Ticket Pocket is the extra pocket on some jackets can be found just above the right front pocket. Pocket had its origin in that holding her train/tram ticket in this to easily access it when it would be shown up. It is a detail that is strongly associated with British manufacturers. In particular in the form of sloping ones or Hacking pockets as they are also called. The slope was to favour simpler would get your hand into your pocket when you red.

Breast Pocket

The jacket’s breast pocket is perhaps the most important from a purely visual perspective. It is the Pocket where you place the handkerchief and not storage of pens, gloves, or similar. There are two types of breast pockets as we mentioned earlier in the text. Either surface that enhances the available sense additional options an ordinary chest pocket. In southern Italy and especially Naples is the so-called Barchetta-Pocketvery popular. Barchetta means small boat in Italian and refers to the slightly rounded shape of the Pocket that allows the wearer’s breasts in a smooth way. This detail requires hand sewing and is often considered a sign of quality of jackets from the region.

The Jacket’s Inner Pockets

Should we keep things as wallet or mobile phone to make it in the jacket’s inner pockets. It sits as the previously mentioned two pockets, one on each side at chest height. These are best suited for, for example, the wallet and the left pocket usually has a button you can close the pocket with.

On a range of jackets is also the so-called Cigarette Pocket at the bottom of the jacket’s left inside. This pocket was originally intended just for cigarette package but has not this load can place his cell phone there instead. The advantage of this Pocket is that when used, it may give some tygnd to the jacket’s bottom and actually improve the situation somewhat. Especially in the light fabric qualities.