Guide to Use a Wreath of Flowers at Your Wedding

If there is a style that defined the Decade of the 2010 is undoubtedly the Bohemian chic and among the many legacies and lessons of style that has left in its wake, one of our favorite are the crowns of flowers. The ideal accessory to wear to a wedding as a true goddess without being ostentatious or Baroque.

The crowns of flowers are perfect to keep a relaxed and natural look but go unnoticed and although no matter the season always will be beautiful, spring-summer season is ideal to wear them.

The Best Hairstyle For A Crown

Whether you decide to take half Crown, Crown full, maxi Crown or a more discrete, there are three hairstyles that are more appropriate to bring this accessory:

-Loose and in waves

-Collected under

-Casual braid

Remember also that the wreath is a complement to your look, not the main focus. Your hairstyle should be cute enough to highlight if same if decide to take off the Crown at some point in the reception.

Indicated Flowers

The best flowers will always be in season. It is also very important for you to ask your florist what are those that resist longer without water. There are some types of flower that begin to wilt soon out of the vase and those are those that you should avoid.

If your hair is dark, flowers in light shades are that most will favour you and vice versa, it creates contrasts. Also remember to choose flowers that go in harmony with the rest of your decor.

How To Keep It In Place And Beautiful

Usually, the wreaths are made to fit your head with wire so you have the perfect fit. However, do not forget to fasten with pins to give greater stability and you feel comfortable.

While you put it to your head, you screwing up a bit, make sure you spray enough spray on your hair, but remember to do so before the Crown, otherwise the lacquer can damage the flowers. It is also important that not you’re playing it constantly since the PH of the skin to wither the flowers.

For Your Ladies And Pajecitos

Get the crowns of flowers the hallmark of your Bridal Committee, both ladies as get-together.The design of your companions crowns must be different than yours, preferably small and discreet so anything or anyone Rob you attention.

Although there are many tutorials on how to make a wreath, I assure you that this is not one of the earrings that you want to add to your list that day, trust the experts to keep you relaxed and ready.