Hackers Attack Snapchat Developer Express to the Data Scandal

Update (3 January 2014):
After the hacker attack, developers Snapchat to the incident have now expressed. An update is already in work to the vulnerability, which with the additional service find friends exists to seal. After verification of telephone number it is also possible, invisible at the service and so unable to find others to be then Snapchattern

Original message (January 2, 2014)
Not very good starts the new year for Snapchat users: as reported by the verge, hacker names, phone numbers and local data from approximately 4.6 million users of the Messenger service have taken off and made available in the Internet for everyone. Especially users from the United States and Canada are affected. Particularly annoying: A vulnerability known for months allowed for the theft. In December 2013, the security company Gibson Security called attention once again on the leak. The leaders of Snapchat then tried to reassure users and reported in the Firmenblog, you have numerous safety precautions, to the access data to prevent.

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Blessing in disguise

After all, users can consider relatively lucky: opposite the verge said the hackers, their motivation was to strengthen the public’s perception of the problem and to exert pressure on Snapchat. To protect users, you have defaced the last two digits of telephone numbers. Users who want to know whether they, too, of the data theft are affected, can enter their name of Snapchat on a dedicated Web page of the security company Gibson Security and have a look.

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Snapchat users can send photos that delete themselves after a short period of time itself. The service among young people is particularly popular. Snapchat became the focus of the media recently, because the operator rejected a takeover bid worth billions of dollars of Facebook. According to the verge of the value of the company is currently between three and four billion US dollars.