Hair Cuts Men: Tips for Gray Hair

If the wires and silver are taking care of your head there is no reason to panic, in fact there are many men who are even more charming after gaining gray hair, as is the case of a series of galãs de Hollywood began to call even more attention after the bleaching of yarns, additionally many of us earn wicks and a much more cool after this change, achieving a visual effect that is more sophisticated and elegant.That is why we have prepared a guide con inspirations-cutting hair for those who are starting to earn your first wire silver-plated or already have for a long time and wants to give a “up”in the visual, see below:

Hair Cuts Men Tips for Gray Hair

Classic cuts

Are those elegant and a little daring, usually controlled with the use of a gel or wax that keep them in place. They have the advantage of not giving you too much work and combine with any environment and with various types of clothes, in addition can completely change with combined with a beard, imposing and stylish, earning a air retro.

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Cuts Well-Behaved

Without the many inventions and modern conveniences, and fit well in work environments conservative or that require a visual clean, are easy to maintain, but require cutting, at least, monthly not to lose the way. If your hair is easy to tame maybe you don’t need or a ointment to create your hairstyle.

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Cuts with volume on top

The cuts with the top portion more voluminous are the most popular currently up to by those who have gray hair, but are not indicated for those who do not have the patience to care for and shape the wicks, since it ask for more attention on the day-to-day. Give an air of jovial, however if you are getting bald will not get a result was very satisfactory.

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Are very bold and blend well with anyone who wears a casual way, but also can marry a clothes behaved if you know how to use the combo on the right way. Can simply be messed up without any product or minutely curls with the help of an ointment, but any way need a good shampoo, conditioner and a cut done well to work well.

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We can classify as modern those cuts fray, usually modeled with a quiff, messy or ruffled, and that do not open hand of a modeler powerful to keep them throughout the day. It is the type of cutting that has to be in the day, if you stay too long it can become impossible to reach a satisfactory result, also requires daily care to be healthy.

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Other cuts

That winter, the long promise if to highlight, but there are people who prefer the low and controlled, in addition we have the staff of the curly who always are looking for novelties, so see below for some more sujestões to that has or is getting to the locks, silver:

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A last piece of advice:

If your wicks side are starting to get whitish take care with cuts that leave a lot of volume on the side, they tend to age the person and pull for a visual medium “mad scientist”, the same goes for the combination of white hair with a beard too voluminous, the look can make it appear that you have much more age than in reality and most of us is not very sympathetic to this idea, isn’t it?