Happy Mobile Extends 50% Discount on Three Bills to Their Rate of 1.5 GB

Happy Mobile rests and is that after their recent movements in which responded to rivals with the rebate to zero cents per minute national calls the ten first minutes of each one and promote their rate of 1 GB, with three bills for data at half price voucher the virtual stomps the accelerator with the improvement of this promotion.

The virtual Phone House has decided to not only expand its promotion until the end of the year, which ended first in October and then in November, but that he also supported three bills with the bonus of half price data to the rate offering 1.5 GB for nine euros per month.

In this way both new customers and they are happy Mobile can enjoy from 1 GB per 3.45 EUR per month or 1.5 GB for 4.5 euros per month during the second, third and fourth Bill for new customers or with the following invoices after request promotion for customers, which should call the 2980 or send an email to info@happymovil.com with your details already.

After the promotion both rates return to their customary conditions, 1 GB / 6.9 euros per month in the speaking rate and sails and 1.5 GB for nine euros a month on rate talk and surf Plus, both with domestic calls to zero cents per minute the first ten minutes and 0.8 cents the following, always with call set-up 15 cents.