Happy Mobile Launches New Bonds of Minutes in Calls to 39 Countries on Prepayment

Although it seemed that users who still opt for the option prepaid they were totally abandoned or in the background with respect to those who opt for the contract recently we are witnessing the renewal of bids from several operators, such as Jazzcard offering calls at five cents per minute without call set-up or MÁSMOVIL with new bonds of voice and data.

And now the shift is to Happy Mobile that if you choose to reinforce his offer pre-payment, which boasts four rates for different needs, with two new minute, weekly and monthly bonuses, valid for calls to 39 countries and also complemented with the lowering of the price of the bond data at your own pace.

The new bonds offer 60 minutes to consume in seven days for 3.5 euros or 300 minutes to consume in 30 days for 15 euros. In both cases the minutes are valid for calls not only in Spain but also other 38 countries from different continents, bonds with the saving rates, national, national +, City and City +, rates according to which paid excess minutes being compatible.

Also the release of these bonds will also be accompanied by the renewal of the data credits, with three options. The default option offers a price of 10 cents per mega or a euro for 30 megs while also you can hire 1 GB for eight euros a month without an option to renew in the same month or 1 GB per 13.9 euros, low price from the 16.50 euros previous, renewable repeatedly.