Here Put Your Maps on The Samsung Galaxy

The role of Google Maps is indisputable in Android. While it is true that there are other options, like Here by Nokia, its presence is quite discreet. We know that they are there but the platform of maps and navigation of Mountain View is omnipresent. However, it seems that the Finnish service has found a heavy weight will help you: Samsung.

Through its official blog, Here has announced that its service and application of maps will be installed by default in different terminals of the Galaxy family, among them Samsung Galaxy S5. An important movement to be known since remember that Samsung is the main seller of smartphones in the world today.

Here, if you don’t know it, offers maps in 200 countries and navigation system on foot, by public transport or by car. You have a choice of navigation, which will be integrated with the new Samsung S Gear, and a mode car that incorporate some smartphones of the Koreans. It also has maps offline.

As an alternative, it is one of the most complete and we will see if this alliance with Samsung allows them to grow and catch weight within Android. At first glance do not have great value to differentiate it with respect to Google Maps and although the service works pretty well, I’ve tested it pretty Windows phone, it will be difficult but is clear that come pre-installed in a Galaxy going to help a lot.

We’ll see if week coming in the IFA Unpacked give more details in this regard. Taking into account that one of the bulwark of the Samsung Galaxy Note has always been its own software, maybe see some important novelties.