Hisense King Kong, Analysis: a Range Media That Focuses on Security

At a time in which increasingly is more common to see people with the screens of their mobile games on the street, the Chinese manufacturer Hisense presented at the beginning of year a mobile phone that gambled on the robustness and security. It’s King Kong, a device designed to withstand drops, bumps and involuntary dives.

King Kong also bet by finishes with metal details very rare in a range of input, something that makes it stand out even more from competition. But what offers in addition to its design and robustness? We have been testing it thoroughly, and here’s an analysis that we try to respond to this and other questions.

Hisense King Kong, technical specifications

The battle of Hisense with its King Kong It is not to offer a powerful device, but one safe inside and out. But before you start rating my experience using it and tell you to what point has achieved its goal, begin shelling briefly all of their technical specifications.

Hisense King Kong, technical
Physical dimensions 144 x 71.9 x 9.4 mm, 146 grams
Screen IPS LCD 5 inches
Resolution 1280 × 720 pixels (160 DPI)
Processor Snapdragon 410
64 bit, quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex A53
Graphics processor Adreno 306 @ 400 MH
Memory 16 GB
Expandable with microSD up to 32 GB
Software version Android 4.4.4 KitKat
Connectivity 3g HSDPA 900/1900/2100, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, v2.0 microUSB
Cameras 8 megapixel camera with Led Flash rear
2 megapixel front
Battery 3,000 mAh removable
Price At Amazon, we can find it for 235 euros.

As you can see the mobile hardware is quite modest, although Hisense was able to some of its deficiencies end up playing the user please. We find an example on your screen, that 5 inches with resolution of 720 p not too surprising, but thanks to that little power manages to increase the autonomy of its 3,000 mAh battery considerably.

Your processor is a Snapdragon 410, which despite put it in the range of input does it with a modern 64-bit architecture. It comes with of 2 GB of RAM and 16 internal storage, a minimum configuration already we are getting used to us at those levels and that ensures users to perform most of the functions of Android.

It has dimensions of 144 x 71.9 x 9.4 mm, which although does not reach the size of 5.5 inch mobiles if you do a bit larger than others with similar screens. Have some of blame their edges and their robustness, which besides giving 146 grams of weight gives it a finish that was created that it is not necessary to add any cover or bumper to protect it.

Finally, some close their specifications table front and rear 2 and 8 megapixel cameras respectively, and a 4.4 Android which by being so little updated becomes one of the major drawbacks for anyone looking for a mobile phone that is up to date.

Sober and elegant design

Although high-end already are a necessity and in the media increasingly see them more, the metallic finishes they are still a rarity in a range of input in that still reigns the plastic and clone designs without too much personality. King Kong breaks with this routine, and does so with an aspect that my at least gave me strength and elegance.

The phone has a corners protected by a rubber reinforcement which make it strong enough to withstand bumps and drops a protection without extra. Really, we test it on his day at Mobile World Congress and I have returned it to try for my tests and hold perfectly hits.

Fortunately for Hisense, the range in which it has placed its mobile nor there is a battle too fierce by trying to reduce the edges of devices, Although you can play in favour of some alternatives like the Galaxy A5. But in any case, as we see in table size goes very chord the middle of other measures.

Hisense King Kong HTC Desire 510 Motorola Moto E (2015) WIKO Ridge 4G Samsung Galaxy A5
Dimensions 144 x 71.9 x 9.4 mm 140 x 70 x 10 mm 129,9 × 66.8 × 5, 2-12, 3 mm 143 x 72 x 7.5 mm 139,3 x 69.7 x 6.7 mm
Weight 146 158 grams 145 grams 125 grams 123 grams
Screen size 5 inch 4.7 inch 4.5 inch 5 inch 5 inch
SoC Snapdragon 410 Snapdragon 410 Snapdragon 410 Snapdragon 410 Snapdragon 410

Design a rear that we complete it with a texture that you want to look like leather Despite being rubber, something that quite reminds us that Samsung has already done years ago with its Note 3. The two sides are instead finished in metal, a good and elegant combination to convey seriousness.

Whether by its width without complexes or Gummy materials from its back and its corners, the mobile falls very well in hand and It was not me for anything slippery. In addition, the volume and power buttons are located on the left side in a position that can be reached without any problem with the thumb.

On the left side you can open a lid for access to the SIM and microSD card slots, at the top we find the entrance to the jack at the bottom with the microUSB charging and audio. The rear camera is located in the top center, and is crowned with a metallic frame which combines perfectly with the sides.

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But I don’t want to stop talking about design, not to mention another of its advantages. King Kong finishing not only protects it from falling, but it also makes it water and dust resistant. So it becomes a perfect mobile if you’re particularly clumsy, or if you want to give you a bath without worry about spills or that slips off you in the pool.

Performance and autonomy

Today is becoming more difficult to find with mobile to that being directed to users demanding little den performance problems, and this is not an exception. The Snapdragon 410 will not make your mobile fly, but it is enough to provide a good fluidity When using the most basic applications.

When we move between menu device shown light, although when it comes to squeezing the multi-tasking doing different things while upgrading software or using multiple applications at the same time already I found with some other lageo. Obviously, although it is not something exaggerated it should not be there.

Fluency problems increase in trying to play. The mobile is not made for this purpose, and if already with simple games like Crossy Road noticed that won’t quite fluid, the shortcomings of your processor are even more noticeable when you launch games with better graphics as NOVA 3 or similar. With them, it is not uncommon that let suffering pulls every few minutes.

In any case we have already said that this is a basic phone for simple tasks. And although you won’t get the best Android games catalog, their two gigs are sufficient so that we find not so many problems in other important and basic tasks such as web browsing. The pages loading smoothly and here I have not noticed any slowdown.

Hisense King Kong HTC Desire 510 Motorola Moto E (2015) WIKO Ridge 4G Samsung Galaxy A5
AnTuTu 19.596 20.717 21.894 21.018 20.858
PCMARK 3.113 3.012 3.496 3.156 3.160
3.0 GFXBench Manhattan 3.8 8.3 6.4 4.2 4.8
3.0 GFXBench T-Rex 9 15.2 12 10 13.9
Vellamo Metal 795 771 1955 848 3047

As we see in the comparison table, focusing on numbers the performance of this device it is to be expected in the range of input. Still having some exceptions in specific test benches, we see that in most of them not far too the results offered by other devices that also is equipped with a Snapdragon 410. In any case that is not an excuse to have lageos and pulls.

As for autonomy, in Hisense have decided to be Conservatives to offer the maximum possible, and between the 720 p resolution, its five-inch and its 3,000 mAh battery have that terminal stamina easily full day of use and can reach a second depending on how much it is used.

Translating it into numbers, during the days that I have been testing the King Kong has given me an average of 6 hours of screen, Although in the PCMark test banks reached me at eight o’clock. I suppose that here the thing depends on how much you are going to use a little. If you have some simple applications you desataréis throughout their duration, but if you give it whiplash with any game not expect that you hold you so much.

A correct screen within the limitations

If like me you are a little tired of mobile phones with large screens are sure that you will see the 5 inches of the King Kong as one of the best virtues. This size makes it something more manageable for those we still resist to use ours with two hands, although If their frames were smaller the experience would have been better still. In fact, my 5.5 inch LG G3 is almost equally large.

As I have already indicated at the beginning, the mobile comply with a resolution of 720 p, which in my opinion It is an excellent choice for a screen of this size. To see a video stands out perfectly that it has a good resolution, and gives me the feeling that bet on a Full HD would have been expensive so penalizing the battery by an almost imperceptible difference.

Although it is clear that always look better in low light, has surprised me pleasantly surprised that when it gives you the direct light of the sun screen still being able to see quite clearly. Once I have tried mobile that they lose all their visibility on sunny days and Hisense is not one of them, even if its performance remains far from the of the large mobile high-end.

As for the extras, I still find a successful fun adding the possibility of being able to configure gestural shortcuts to launch applications drawing a letter on the screen. In addition, the fact that this has been protected already come from the outset with a tempered glass protector does not but increase the feeling of robustness that transmits.

Therefore, in short you could say that it has a screen with few pretensions, but that the manufacturer it complies with what is expected of it. Do not enter the war of sizes and resolutions, but ultimately gives us what we need step enhancing the autonomy.

A customization layer for shielding Android

When it comes to dealing with Android, we usually find with manufacturers who try to respect their appearance by default. There are also others who modify it to give an own not always playing in favour of the performance of the mobile. In this case, Hisense has chosen by Let the operating system of Google almost unrecognizable.

I don’t like the layers of personalization, and although I understand perfectly what wanted to do Hisense with yours, I do not think that it has been successful with the execution. One of his most strident examples is the absence of applications drawer, the cheerful melody of startup and shutdown which takes all the seriousness that seeks to design, and a little set of icons that covers only a few applications, so it is very bad when you start to install other.

Another notable absence is the classic button with which view the running applications It has also disappeared, and takes its place one that displays a menu that gives access to various basic settings. Sliding your finger downward on the screen we access a menu with notifications and multiple switches or shortcuts, while if we slip up can choose transition effects, wallpapers and widgets.

Even so, there is to recognize a few interesting ideas aimed to give more options and security. One of them is your firewall, which will allow us to block calls and SMS with blocked blacklist or a whitelist to intercept all numbers except those that appear in it. It also includes a permissions Manager It will allow us to edit which grant you to each of the applications we have installed.

Also has other interesting options such as activate a floating button with three classic hotkey for Android that we placed at the point of the screen that you want. Even You can activate a quick start mode to draw letters on the screen and configure them to launch certain applications or activate certain settings.

Help us to save battery power the King Kong includes several options as a system to set the hours that starts and stops. Also offers us a shortcut to clear the cache or a complete energy saving Wizard that will allow us to analyze the consumption of applications or configure several saving modes.

Ultimately the Hisense customization layer has a handful of good ideas, but they looked better with a more careful look. Also plays in their favor that at this point in the year, and with Android 6.0 newly presented, have not bothered to update your mobile and even comply with version 4.4 KitKat.

Resultón camera to its range

I have to say that taking into account the range of mobile phone and its price not expect me great thing from your camera. May have been by low expectations, but the fact is that pleasantly surprised some that I’ve managed to get with him. Obviously they aren’t at the level of those made with high end mobile, but it has been more than I expected.

And all while essentially the Chamber of King Kong is not out of the predominantly maximum range: nice pictures with light they are going to worsen as the Sun is setting. While as I said the results of the day are pretty good, it is true that if we put them in some shadow areas we will see how the camera tends to darken them too.

If we zoom in the photos also we can see other limits of its sensor in the form of details that are lost or areas lightly enborronadas. Even so, taking into account that can be found in this strip of prices nor is anything that we are not going to find in most of the rest of mobile.

If you are lovers of the Macro photos because I notice that of this mobile costs horrors focus. Until you catch him trick you can throw yourself about a minute bringing it and moving it up to get it to focus well, but when you get it you have to admit that the results are not bad. Look, then you have a small gallery with photos that I’ve gone out with him.

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How will surely soon have you noticed, When the sun sets the thing gets visibly worse. Mobile not gets along well with objects in motion when it has darkened, and if in your city’s streetlights with orange light you’ll find with all the photography becomes of that color. There are also many flashes, and loss of details I noticed taking pictures of day considerably worse at night.

Xataka Android view

It must be recognized that with the King Kong Hisense has had an idea that got your device to shine with their own light in the range of input: the offer a mobile waterproof on the outside and with software designed to offer security inside. Although as I have said, while the ideas of your customization layer are good execution I did not like anything, and use even Kit Kat is Court of guard.

But in the end does not stop being a device of medium-low range, and we have setbacks such as a low-power which is especially noticeable when playing or a camera that although surprisingly positively we can not ask a high-end results. Still, it has a few strong points beyond its exterior toughness, and is the big autonomy that have achieved positively leveraging some of its shortcomings.

In favour

  • Good finishes
  • Very resistant to falls
  • Great autonomy


  • Customization layer
  • Android 4.4.4 in 2015?
  • Performance can be improved

The terminal has been granted to the test by Hisense. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.