Hits Mobile Cut Its Rate Prepaid and Will Renew Bonds at Any Time

According to reports by the CNMC, lines of prepaid card in Spain are the ones that more losses are suffering in recent years so it is becoming more common to see that operators are betting on to improve their conditions to try to halt the slide in rates characterised by freedom of not being tied to No monthly spending commitment.

On this occasion is Hits mobile which has taken advantage of Christmas to strengthen their rates for prepaid with a double improvement available today from automatically which lowered the price per minute of your fare by default from 6 to 5 cents per minute and 9 to 8 cents per message (separate taxes), while calls between Hits and international destinations continues to 0 cents per minute (more establishment).

In addition, Hits mobile will allow from now on hire a new bonus (Voice, sails and all inclusive) in case of exhaustion of the minutes or the megas included initially in each rate and without waiting 30 days After the activation of the bonus as it was the case up to now. Something that also recently allowed Vodafone in yu fares: to avoid having to pay the fees by default, usually more expensive.

After the changes and as usual will be from now on, we leave you with all the details of the Hits Mobile with VAT rates: