Homemade Beauty Products

We use hygiene and beauty products every day and in almost all parts of the body.We assume that this type of product must be completely safe, however it is not: most cosmetics and hygiene products contain substancesthat can affect the endocrine system and even cause cancer. The regulations regarding beauty products are not very strict and there is considerable variation between different products, which may contain more potentially harmful compounds than others.

Therefore, the environmental group Environmental Working Group has developed a rating system for evaluating how safe each health product. You can do a search with the products you use in its extensive database and avoid the most toxic products.

Some people prefer to avoid completely commercial cosmetics and use natural alternatives hundred percent.

Then I leave a list of common and natural things that you can use instead of your commercial hygiene products and beauty.

  • Shampoo:Baking soda, apple cider vinegar or clay.
    There are many native plants that were used in ancient times to wash hair. Unfortunately most of them only grow in wild places and knowledge about how to identify and use is lost.
  • Conditioner:Olive oil , coconut oil, butter / butter coconut or avocado.
  • Hairspray (gel, hairspray, etc.):Egg white or aloe vera.
  • Hair ink:Henna, Nutshell, chamomile , oil and / or lemon juice .
    Henna imparts an orange color light hair and gives shine to dark reddish hair. Nutshell produces a brown or black ink. Chamomile and lemon aclarecen hair lightly, especially when combined with exposure to sunlight hair.
  • Eyeliner or eye pencil:Ground Coal.
    In the Middle East it is common to use coal dust to paint eyes. The pure powder creates a sparse shade; if you want a strong line is necessary to mix coal with oil or lanolin. EYE!Only uses pure carbon from a natural source like wood. Do not use commercial coal as it may contain chemicals to ignite the fire.
  • Creams and lotions:lanolin , olive oil , coconut oil, butter / cocoa butter, shea butter.
  • Anti aging cream:Any fruit or vegetable.
    Each you eat a fruit or vegetable, applied shell or a small piece of fruit / vegetables to your face.
  • Sunscreen:clay, ash, zinc oxide, home blocker .
  • Perfumes:Water roses , herbal teas, essential oils.
    Essential oils can be mixed with a charger oil before applying to the skin. Good choices are olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil.
  • Deodorant:Stone alum powder, baking soda, cornstarch / cornflour, sap of aloe (Aloe vera) and / or essential oils.
    For deodorant it is important to find something that blends well with the natural smell of your body. The same thing that works perfectly for one person may be completely useless for another.
  • Exfoliating soap:Clay, cinnamon and / or oats.
  • Toothpaste:Baking soda, salt, pasta home teeth .
  • Diaper Cream:Zinc oxide, cream homemade diaper