Honor 7 Enhanced Edition, All The Information

Following the launch last summer of the Android terminal Honor 7 hand of Huawei and the arrival on the market at one price more than affordable to your specifications, the Chinese company seems to have wanted to give a twist and squeeze a little more model.

In this way it seems that it could reach the market by CES 2016 an improved version, Honor 7 enhanced Edition, with Android factory 6.0 and the Double memory internal as well as supposedly a ‘more’ fast charging to 9V@2A system. Let’s see in detail all available information of this new model.

In China, Huawei has launched a new version of Honor 7, popular best seller of the company with less than 300 euros (offer discount of 50 euros via vmall) has got to be one of the biggest surprises of the year to have a great relationship quality/price.

This renewed version comes exclusively in golden color and shows slight improvements hardware against the initial version of 7 Honor, which in turn sees a small drop in price of approximately $30 in the Asian country.

Says Gizmochina, since we could not find official information on the website of Honor China, this new model will be physically equal to the original model and its interior will house both a 5.2 inches FullHD display and 3 GB of RAM, SoC Kirin 935. The improved version of Honor 7 double inner, reaching space to 32 GB as well it will release new version EMUI 4.0 about Android 6.0.

We have read information pointing to which also integrated a fast system enhanced with a charger 9V, 2A, and although we see it unlikely. We have consulted to Huawei and not been able to confirm this model to sell outside China to back. What does seem to be clear is that this model will reach the market with double the memory internally and exclusively in golden color.