Honor Will Come to United States in 2016: to The Third Time Lucky for Huawei?

Huawei has spent several years trying to enter the U.S. market. A country complicated for telephony where Apple and Samsung are distributed most of the cake. So far the Chinese manufacturer attempts have not finished work: his campaign to teach was how pronounced the name and portfolio of devices on sale have been insufficient to scratch her fee to other companies.

The Chinese company does not surrender and in Europe have struggled to be one of the three manufacturers of mobile phones with greater presence, already have list your new rush to be important in United States: your weapon will be our Honor and its terminals will be featured in the next edition of CES. Third time lucky? See more in detail how intend to tackle this adventure.

Same company, different brand

Huawei has been in the U.S. market for years. His first steps were the same as in other Western markets: sell affordable smartphones with grant from the agents. At that time the Chinese company was not looking for name but to be an affordable option for those looking for an Android smartphone.

As a brand, Huawei is not well-known in the United States, and the proof of this is how the phone there market is partitioned. All this should add questions that has sown in relation to matters of telecommunications, antennas, and collaboration with local operators. It does not inspire much confidence despite the fact that recently sneaked into the top 100 of Interband.

Last year they tried a second rush with a curious campaign to explain how the company’s name was pronounced. Neither finished work because in that attempt to be known they tried to sell mobile free in a market where still It is still very common to buy devices anchored to a contract the operator giving the network service.

The best proof that Huawei fails to see clearly the US market is to take a look at their online shop: they do not have all the terminals that have launched this year and highlights is a Nexus 6 p that hides the image of Huawei for a name most recognized by the public and the P8 Lite Huawei.

His next step is opting to Honor mark and thus distance themselves from using Huawei. George Zhao, director of Marketing at Huawei, has confirmed to a media group that the coming year will arrive in the United States and its first foray will appear at CES in Las Vegas. What terminals will it arrive? At the moment with the catalogue they now: 6 Plus Honor and Honor 7.

Zhao has not confirmed new releases by 2016 but hopefully that according to advance the year we see new smartphones. Bet on the free terminal is maintained and they will seek, once more, breaking the dynamics of consumption through operators and permanent contracts. We will see if in addition (easier to pronounce and remember) brand helps the Chinese manufacturer to break the current duopoly between Apple and Samsung