How Can the iPhone 6 C Come to Look

New renderings give an educated guess at how the design of the future iPhone 6 c is going to look like.

The upcoming iPhone 6 c get a design that combines features from the iPhone and iPhone 5 c 6.

So reads the prediction, at least from the company, which has created a qualified bid on, how the iPhone 6 c take it out.

The company lives by designing and selling high-end renderings of smartphones, and as a little sidejob they have created 6 realistic renderings of the slightly smaller and more affordable iPhone.

3DFuture expects that the new iPhone 6 c comes in the autumn. They also inform that leaked are not based on some actual rumors, since it is still sparsely with these.

Instead, they expect a design that, not surprisingly, is very similar to its predecessor but with more design elements from the iPhone 6. It is, among other things, the location and the design of the buttons around the edge, and small items such as camera lens, holes for the speaker and home button, which is retrieved from the iPhone 6. From the iPhone 5 c it is the characteristic colorful plastic, going again.

These renderings are realistic or not? Share very much like your ideas in the comments box on how you think the design ends with that look.