How to Adjust V Brakes on a Bicycle

For bike lovers, nothing is better than a nice bike ride, or a workout on road racing bike or mountain bike with dirt. However, once returned from the exits, you have to check the condition of the vehicle and if you do make the necessary maintenance, in this guide we will suggest, in simple steps, how to replace and adjust the v-brakes of bicycle, then don’t wait over and continue reading.

We start by making a brief reference to v-brakes based on, which are the evolution of cantilever brake, used now for the most part in bike from low-end city. V-brakes have the characteristic to develop a great braking power, due to the particular design of the two bodies brake, enhance curb with determination using very little finger strength on the levers in maubrio. There are several types of v-brakes, which differ among themselves for the building materials, plastic ones are the cheapest, molten metal, printed or cut, have varying prices and are used both on economic and high end bikes, finally exist those craft, built upon the customer’s request and with certain characteristics, with prices that vary from time to time.

For the sostitutione of these particular brakes, you must first remove the skates now consumed and replace them with a couple other new, to remove them you’ll have to use an Allen key (usually 5 mm) or a screwdriver, it depends on the brand of v-brakes that whip. Made the substitution, when fitting new shoes, you should try to place them parallel to the circle, in such a way as to optimize the braking, this operation can be done while fixed skates and refine loosening with a Allen wrench the grain, i.e. the connecting pin of the skate to the brake lever, proceeding to properly align the skates.

You will also need to adjust the spring tension acting as a regulator of the resistance of the control lever on the handlebar. Also the distance of skates from the circle should not be excessive, because if the shoes will prove to be too far away from the circle, when you use you will brake levers on the handlebar until it stops, thus delaying the braking, so try to put shoes as close as possible to the circle, making it much more responsive braking.