How to Buy a Perfect Drape Shirt

Despite being one of the most important items of the male wardrobe, especially when the part is required at work, the shirt is still treated lightly by many men. If you are one of them, know what is necessary to make sure that this piece has the trim suits your body.


From Buyinxenia to find out if the collar is in the proper size , put your shirt on and verify that you can still pass two fingers between her and your neck. This break will leave the comfortable shirt and will allow the adjustment is made by tie.


The seams must stay in the joint where the shoulder bone is the bone of the arm, that way you will have the freedom you need to move.


Cava is the name given the circumference that connects the sleeves to the torso of the shirt, if it’s too big to be inelegant, if it’s too tight certainly bother. Try to play and move the arms to see if the fit is adequate.


Close the shirt and pull gently the fabric to the front at the time of the fourth button, must be left some 6 or 7 cm of material there, anything more or less will compromise the fit of the piece in your body.


Have already been well wide in the years 90, but today tend to be adjusted, but not glued. Once again, to experience the piece, you will feel if your movements are being harmed by her size. The length has to be observed, the fists should be on time when hand meets the arm, just below the wrist bone.

The author’s opinion

As there are no two people with the same bodies, it is very likely that you do not find the shirt you are looking for on the first try, because each brand has a different modeling, but by no means should discourage, demand can be fiddly, but rewarding and needless to say as a shirt with perfect fit can enhance your visual too.