How to Choose Mirror for Bathroom

One of the most important objects of decoration of a bathroom is the mirror. Besides being a useful object for personal hygiene (or even during the makeup process), it can be used as decoration. Shape, size and positioning of the piece are able to completely change the concept decorative environment.

There is no rule for choosing a mirror model for your bathroom, but it is important to pay attention to the rest of the room decor according to SourceMakeup.

Functionality, practicality and decoration

If you want to store cosmetics or other utensils, one bathroom closet can be a good alternative. There are the cabinets with mirrors that are also practical. And for those who need more lighting there, the lamp for make-up is great.

People who want a more traditional decor, consisting of classic furniture can opt to choose mirrors that have frame. Simple mirrors and frameless mirrors work best in neutral and modern environments. There are also mirrors models with lamps, suitable for the most conceited and love taking care of the visual.

The options for decorative mirrors, mirrors for countertops and mirrors wall are excellent for those who do not need to store objects.

Where to place the mirror

Normally the mirror is placed on the wall above the sink, and its size proportional to the space where it will be placed. It is important to consider the size of the sink, because a small mirror in a large sink can devalue the environment.

Round mirrors are able to enhance the bench space, and the largest and rectangular pieces help the whole body viewing adding a touch of sophistication to the site.

The square models are for those who want to compose a sink to transmit more stability and harmony. For those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere we recommend the use of irregular mirror models.

The choice of the correct size and shape of the mirror will conform to your room decor. It is important to make the most beautiful, balanced environment and to give the feeling that is more spacious.

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