How to Choose Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating


In addition to the distinction in sarco down, sarco synthetic fiber, shape coverage and bags for children, Lestra class all his bags sleeping in 4 categories that allow to target on the use of the respective models class.

Extrem Series Designated shipping models that are as well suitable for arctic climates for expeditions in the high mountains.

Authentic Includes all models designed for winter periods and distinguished by the use of materials – high-end and very technical manufacturing processes this category sleeping bags are well suited to temperate areas.
These models are a good compromise between thermal power and weight.

Discovery Summarizes all Lestra collection for use in areas hot or temperate as well as tent, or in
Caravan etc. Next to the bags shape covers appear in this light weight recommended especially handbags categories for any
summer hikes.

The ‘ juniors’ bags are identified because it is particularly important for your child to have a suited to its size sleeping bag.

1 Upholstery

Beds with a trim down bags are light, compact and very insulating and breathable. They provide an optimal weight/warmth ratio. However, they lose their insulation property if they get wet. They are therefore not advised in conditions or there is a significant risk of mold.
The filling of Lestra sleeping bags comes from goose or duck down. A men-tion shows the type of filling and the percentage used. For each sleeping bag, the fill power is also indicated. Measured in cubic centimeters, it gives the quality down and insulating ability.
The value shown corresponds to the volume of one ounce of down American or 28.35 gr.


Easy to clean and hypoallergenic synthetic sleeping bag is heavier and less compressible than the same temperature down sleeping bags but are more resilient moisture. This filling is recommended if the sleeping bag is likely to be exposed to the weather, at night under the stars or in a damp place

An innovation of the collection Lestra 2015.
The wool has all the benefits of a great filling. It is natural, antibacterial, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. In cold weather, wool regulates the moisture absorbed in the surroundings to generate heat.
Its fibers and its spirals contain millions of air pockets that trap the heat of the body for redistribution.

2 Temperatures

For each Lestra sleeping bag, 4 temperatures are given – maximum, comfort, comfort limit and extreme. Between the maximum temperature and the comfort temperature, the person is in a relaxed position, lying on his back, is in thermal equilibrium and not feeling cold.
Temperature limit of comfort, the person, curled up in the sleeping bag
to reduce heat loss, is on the edge of feeling cold.
The extreme temperature is the temperature at which it starts to be a risk of hypothermia.
The interval between the comfort temperature and the temperature limit must serve as a reference.
The temperatures indicated are based on the standard European EN13537.

3. Weight And Compressed Volumes

Weight is an important criterion, especially for hiking in total autonomy.
Based on Pimasleepingbags, down sleeping bags have the best weight/warmth ratio.
However the lighter sleeping bags are not adequate for very low temperatures.
In addition to weight, the compressed size of the sleeping bag is an important criterion to not be handicapped with a too big sleeping bags.

4. Form Of The Sleeping Bag

The Mummy sleeping bag, is wider at the shoulder level, snugly around the body.
Optimizing the thermal protection.
They are also lighter and less bulky than the rectangular bags.
Rectangular sleeping bags are more comfortable, because they are larger around
feet. However, with similar filling, they provide thermal protection
lower because they contain more air.