How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit

SUbe temperature and all want to look radiant to show off their bodies on the beach, but… how to choose the perfect swimsuit? Unfortunately, there are a few the lucky ones who can look perfect curves on the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret. Most real women, tend to have different bodies, so we help them find the perfect outfit, as paramount considering the fact of feeling comfortable and confident (How to dress according to your body type). Let’s see.

Narrow hips, or “inverted triangle”

These bodies have a wider than the bottom top. The aim here will be to find the perfect balance, i.e. styles that visually create volume and emphasize the hips, with loops or frills, for example. A bikini that tie at the hips, is an excellent choice. On the other hand, in the case of one piece bathing suits, it is recommended to point to dark colors and discrete designs, mainly at the top, so not too mention bust or broad shoulders.

A fact? Platform sandals will help styling quite the figure.

“Pear” body

That is, with shoulders and narrow waist, and a hip and derriere significantly wider. For bikinis, it will be important that the BRA has armed cups or push-up, to lift the bust and generate balance. Here, it is a good idea to point to designs with details such as embroidery, shells or shell figures, and colored or striking prints.

The point is to conceal the hip, so you always have to look discreet, without too much color or patterned bottoms . For the fashionistas, the combination of different bathing suits, will be great. If you prefer the one-piece swimsuit, it is important to consider resorting to any model which has a color or eye-catching pattern above and that below is darker.

Square torso or figure flat

In this case, the hips and shoulders are aligned. It boasts little waist and a small rearguard. Here we must ally themselves with models of trikinis or swimsuits in one piece, in which can highlight the figure with geometric shapes. In this case, the swimsuit with openings will be very sexy.

An interesting option is the triangular Cup bikini straps tied behind the neck. On the other hand, we must prevent the strapless, since it will make that stand out more “square” shape of the body. For bottom, slightly higher bottoms marked more waist, and the part that is tied to the sides, it is also a good choice.

For those with a smaller build, it will be great to show off ruffles, daring designs and lots of color. For the largest or filled, solid colors or one-piece suits, in which stands out the waist with a belt and the beak-shaped neckline, look will be perfect.

“Apple” body

This figure has a much more wide and voluminous than the hips, waist and just as or almost as wide as the bust. Recommended here will be a suit bathroom or tankini (shirt and underpants).

An important fact is that leg cut is high, styling the figure. It is good to point to a single color designs, printed discrete or vertical lines. Two fundamental tips will be find that the model is made with a thick lycra, which provide greater support to the abdomen, as well as to avoid striking costumes and bright colors.

Voluptuous Bustos

The support will be paramount when it comes to the election. Thick strips on shoulders, BRA with Cup and, of course, adjustable back, will be the key. We must prioritize whenever the bracket hold well and security to the fore, if don’t want to suffer any mishap in the dip.

Small bust

For fans of the strapless, this figure is ideal. To achieve a balance in the body, it is important to choose a piece with volume on top, this can be done with large prints or several layers.

Hourglass shape

This figure is as provided above as below, with a large bust, well defined waist and hips broad in perspective. Those who have this body, are lucky to be able to choose any type of swimwear, color & print (bikinis which melt in the summer).

You can already jump in search of the ideal model for you. Run, until the summer is over!