How to Combine the Clothes with Jewels

The jewels are an accessory that is present among women par excellence. There are some who worship them and enfundan in silver and gold colored pieces, and others carrying them more timidly. But there is no doubt that like all. However, combine them with the clothes not always is easy. Here we will give you some tips.

Basic tips

  • The shirts of wool or coarse points must combined with jewelry in relief, such as earrings or rings with diamonds.
  • If you’re a little past weight, do not recharge your look with too many jewels, since this will increase your silhouette.
  • Round neck close to the neck garments must never merge with very large and glued neck collars. This result is fatal.
  • Like velvet fabrics can not be accompanied by jewelry with large stones, unless you want to look like a jeweler.

With what to wear each jewel

Necklaces. You should always avoid take very tight neck collars, since this will give the optical effect that your neck is shorter. You prefer to take them with a pendant to the breast height, this will lengthen your silhouette.

Closest to the neck collars, are well pronounced rounded necklines, or accompanied by a pair of small earrings strapless clothing.

Long necklaces carry with sober clothes, both in texture and color. Cotton and light spot are good choices to combine with long necklaces.

Bracelets or bangles. Junco bracelets tend to tune the doll. If you take a blouses or wide sleeves top, put several bracelets rush together, but cares that they are all in the same style and rather sober. If you’re wearing a tight top, combined it with a rather large single bracelet.

The anklets go very well with skirts and dresses long and baggy, hippie or Bohemian style. Combine it with flat sandals or ballet.

Earrings. Fine and long earrings must combine them with V neckline necklines or strapless necklines cowl neck.
If you’re wearing a turtle neck, avoid Ponte stuck earrings that are very big. Very well rounded necklines combined with outstanding type ring.

Rings. If you wear a top or blouse long sleeves and dark color, pair it with a ring of stones. On the other hand, blouses with sleeves included van with rings of silver, gold or Platinum, which afinarán your hands better.

If you’re wearing colored or patterned clothing, try to not wear many rings, since your look will look too busy.

Brooches or pins. The general rule of the clips is that they are only with thick, such as jackets, coats or sweaters garments. If you wear a black cloth or wool overcoat, give a vintage touch with a gold or silver PIN.

If you’re wearing a thick sweater turtle neck, combine it with a snap in the neck, just in the cleft formed between both bones of the clavicle.

Layers or tunics are perfect with a large, wooden or plastic snap, that one to the Center.