How to Combine the Short Boots

On autumn-winter trends, if there’s one thing people use very cold days are the boots. Practical, warm and comfortable they can suit all styles.

How to Combine the Short Boots

As we saw in the last post, white short-barreled boots come with everything in the new season. But don’t think that it’s just the white color that will make fashion. With the decrease of temperatures, the short-barreled boots are great shoes for this time of year. Let’s check out what combinations you can make.

With pants

This is the most classic! It allows a multitude of variations ranging from the most basic and casual style to the more stripped. The most advisable here is that the barrel of the boot is always over the bar. Of course you can vary if you want and if your pants leg is wide enough to stay on the outside of the boot. But in combination with skinny jeans, for example, the trend is the bar inside the barrel of the boot.

Other possible combinations here are the boots with leggings or tight leather trousers according to BERWICKFASHION.

With dresses

The combination of the boot crew socks with dress is sure a look devastating. It can be used both during the day as at night. The trick is to use the boots boot style, with that short dress, giving a charm and sensuality to your look.

With shorts

Another beautiful combination is this one. And in addition to beautiful, is a guarantee of comfort and practicality. You can combine with all styles of shorts, as in jeans without details, jeans, light, more or detonated with colorful prints. The trick here is to use a hose underneath the short to make the look even more modern, besides helping to not be cold.

Even with a more casual, short-barreled boots with shorts also allow a sport style. For this, choose a shorts of finer fabric, bet on a shirt at the top and Bootie with jump.

With long skirts

This combination guarantees elegance, with boot heels or flats. There’s not much secret to combine your Bootie with a long skirt. Just try not to carry so much in the style of the boot – with fringes, tuners and other details – because here the charm of production should be on the skirt.

A cool tip is to use a sock with matching the color of your skin if the boots are dark, because in time to sit your leg will be on display.

And the cuffed booties?

You know what is this model? Are those boots you have doubles in the pipe, in the form of a detail of the piece. They are very pretty and stylish, are also possible to combine with all the pieces of clothing that we already mentioned. You just have to pay attention, the most important thing when using this template is to note the contrast between the boot and pants.

The boots like that are suitable for those with thinner legs, since there’s little to flatten a tend silhouette, giving the impression of thicker legs. So, for those who already have big legs must be a certain caution. Boots of the same color on the bottom of your look can stretch to your silhouette.

A few more tips for not having time to combine:

  • For the little ones the suggestion is to use monochrome looks . For example, boots, pants and shirt of the same color will give the impression of elongated silhouette;
  • Boots, with or without heel, are not the best choice for those who want to use something more formal events such as weddings, ceremonies or receptions;
  • Last and the most important Tip: choose the one Bootie that has more to do with your personality and work at all times and throughout the season!